Recruiting: Juco DE set for official visit

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M junior college defensive end Tim Johnson update.


JH: Are you set to take your official visit to OU?

TJ: "Yes, I am going to be there Friday in the afternoon."

JH: Will this be your official visit to OU?

TJ: "Yep."

JH: But this will be your second or third time to Norman, right?

TJ: "I have been up to OU unofficially."

JH: How is your rehab for your broken leg coming along?

TJ: "It is going pretty good. I have to go back to the doctor tomorrow to let him look at it. I hope to start a full-scale rehab, and I hope the doctors will let me start to run on it. I got my cast taken off three weeks ago and since then I have been working hard. I have just been trying to strengthen the leg and get the range of motion back in the leg."

JH: How has your weight-lifting program going?

TJ: "It has been going pretty good. I am just ready to get back to running. I have lost about five pounds and I weigh about 260. I want to get back into a total workout and put my weight back on."

JH: Are you still a solid commitment to OU?

TJ: "Yes, I am still solid, but I went on an official visit to Arkansas. I just went to make sure that I was making the right decision and there is no question that I did. I am not going to change my mind. I am going to OU."

JH: Are all three of you guys from NEO with an interest in OU coming up this weekend?

TJ: "Yes, me, Chris Patterson and Jeremy Gibbs are all coming up together Friday afternoon."

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