Recruiting: Houston athlete compares OU, OSU

Houston, Texas athlete Terrance Anderson update.

Terrance Anderson, CB, HOUSTN (ALDINE HS), TEXAS:

JH: "I know when I called earlier you were working on homework, so I hope things are going well for you in the classroom?

TA: "School is going great. I try to stay up on the grades and I am doing pretty well."

JH: How did you like your recent visit to OSU?

TA: "It was great. I had a real good time, but any visit that you go on is going to be good. I really enjoyed myself and had a good time."

JH: You have been to OU and OSU now, so how do you feel they compare?

TA: "I think they all have been pretty much the same. All the coaching staffs are good and I have had a good time at both. The thing that I noticed is that OU has everything right there within walking distance. The campus is pretty much there together, while at OSU the campus is more spread out. OU has newer buildings and you can tell they pay more attention to the look of the campus. For the most part, everything is pretty much the same."

JH: Did you find the football tradition at both schools the same or did you find a great deal of difference in the two?

TA: "That stuff is something that I already knew. I knew that OU athletically had a better rep in football than OSU. I saw the OU stadium and it was huge, and I really loved it. When I saw the OSU stadium I liked it and I saw the pictures that they have for expansion. They looked great, but I already know before the recruiting process started that OU had a better history in football and they have better facilities. But I think that OSU is building and becoming a great program."

JH: Are you done with taking visits?

TA: "I am going to Iowa State this weekend and I think that will be my last visit. I had Nebraska set up, but I don't think I am going to take that visit."

JH: Are you down to two schools?

TA: "I have narrowed my decision down to three schools OU, OSU and Iowa State."

JH: Do you have a favorite?

TA: "I can't really say I have a favorite. I haven't seen Iowa State yet so I don't know how I feel about them. I can honestly say after that visit I am going to take a couple of days and make a decision."

JH: A couple of weeks ago you said that you were a slight lean to OSU. Do you still feel they are your leader at this time?

TA: "No, I don't at this time. I am going to have a tough time, because on my two visits I have learned so much that the two schools. For instance, at Oklahoma I learned Bob Stoops is a real nice guy and much more than just a football coach. He cares about his players and you wouldn't know that if you didn't visit at OU. At OSU, I learned that the players are very friendly and they were very informative. Every school that I have visited I have learned a lot about. I have had so much fun on my visits and I have really enjoyed each visit."

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