Recruiting: OU still in the mix for N.C. DT?

The latest on North Carolina defensive tackle Aleric Mullins.

Aleric Mullins, DT, 6-2, 280, WENDELL (EAST WAKE HS), NORTH CAROLINA:

JH: Where did you visit last weekend?

AM: "I went to Auburn and that visit went real well."

JH: Did you like anything about Auburn specifically?

AM: "I liked the coaches and the players. Everybody was above board and they were all pretty fun to hang out with."

JH: What did you learn about Auburn that you didn't know before?

AM: "Every since the year 2000 Coach Dunn has graduated all of his D-tackles. That means a lot and says a lot as well. That says that he is dedicated to making sure that his D-tackles will do what is right."

JH: Now that you have taken two visits, what are your thoughts on recruiting?

AM: " I am still pretty much wide open. That was my second visit. I have been to Oklahoma and Auburn."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this time?

AM: "Oklahoma is still one of those teams that is still up there for me."

JH: When is your next visit?

AM: "I go to Tennessee on the 13th of January."

JH: What coaches have you seen or talked to this week?

AM: "I have seen coaches from LSU and Tennessee. I talked to Oklahoma on the phone last night . I talked to Coach (Jackie) Shipp. I enjoy talking to Coach Shipp. That was fun."

JH: Are you going to try to set up a visit in December or just wait until January?

AM: "I am just ready to concentrate on academics for a while."

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