Catching up with Chuck Long

Oklahoma's offensive coordinator talks about how the young players are looking in bowl practices.

The Oklahoma Sooners resumed practice for their December 29 Holiday Bowl game with Oregon this week.

OU Head Coach Bob Stoops was gone on a recruiting trip, so OU offensive coordinator Chuck Long and defensive coordinator Brent Venables ran practice.

And after one practice this week, Coach Long stopped and talked to for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: How did practice go today?

CL: "We are getting a number of different personnel groups with the young guys going in and out so they can learn a little bit. It is like training camp again. We like that because it is a training camp mode. Wwe give all of them repetitions so that they are familiar and we want to shake the rust off from the guys who played in the last game."

JH: What are your impressions of some of the young guys? Who has caught your eye during these early practices?

CL: "I think Matt Clapp has done a good job for a young guy, who is really a guy in a battle with Dane Zaslaw at fullback for next season. I can tell that is going to be a very competitive situation coming into this spring. We are playing all the other young guys at receiver, as they are all still out there doing a good job. Eric Huggins is doing a nice job. He is still learning the offense, but we think he is going to come around and produce for us."

JH: You have moved Brody Eldridge from defensive end to tight end. How has he looked thus far?

CL:" Brody has really showed us something at tight end already. He has a good knack for it and he has learned a lot in a short amount of time. He is going to be good."

JH: Rhett is still a young quarterback, so it must be good for him to get all these reps?

CL: "They (quarterbacks) always need reps. He is still young and needs to get all the reps that he can get. He is getting quite a few right now, just about every one of them."

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