Recruiting: Visit firms up Juco DE's verbal

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Junior College defensive end Tim Johnson update.


JH: What did you think of your visit to Oklahoma this weekend?

TJ: "It was pretty fun and a great experience. I just enjoyed hanging out with the players."

JH: Did your visit to OU firm up your commit to OU?

TJ: "Yes, absolutely. It sure did."

JH: Who did you hang out with at OU this weekend?

TJ: "I hung out a lot with the D-Line. I mostly hung out with Remi (Ayodele). I also hung out a lot with Quentin Chaney."

JH: Did you three guys from NEO hang out much on the visit?

TJ: "Chris Patterson was mostly with Clint Ingram while Jeremy Gibbs and I hunt out mostly with Remi."

JH: You had been to OU before so what did you learn on your official visit that you didn't know before?

TJ: "This time I got to go through everything, whereas I never had a chance to do that before. I saw the dorms, facilities, academics, campus and just everything. I got to check out the locker room, weight room and all of that. I just got to hang out with the coaches."

JH: How is your rehab for your broken leg coming along?

TJ: "It is going pretty good. I missed my doctor appointment a couple of days ago and I need to get back in and see the doctor. I am waiting to get the OK to run. I hope I get that this weekend."

JH: Did you study the Sooner defensive ends much?

TJ: "I watched it a little bit here and there. I watched some film of the D-line and paid attention at practice. Other than watching some college and pro football this weekend, I haven't spent much time on the football end of it."

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