Recruiting: It's OU or OSU for Houston DB

Houston, Texas athlete Terrance Anderson update.

Terrance Anderson, CB/ATH, 6-0, 170, 4.4, HOUSTON (ALDINE HS), TEXAS:

JH: Did you visit anywhere this weekend?

TA: "No, I didn't go anywhere this weekend."

JH: Is Iowa State still in the picture or is your decision basically down to OU and OSU?

TA: "It is basically down to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State."

JH: I know you have already met with Coach Mike Gundy, so when do you have Coach Stoops in your home?

TA: "He is supposed to be coming tomorrow. I am looking forward to it, but I think my parents are looking more forward to it than I am because I have met him already."

JH: Once you have seen Coach Stoops you will have had both head coaches in your home, taken both visits and in-home visits. When do you plan to make a decision?

TA: "I was thinking about making my decision right after the Christmas Holiday. I want to relax through the Christmas Holiday and then make a decision."

JH: Size it up for us. What are your thoughts on your pending decision between OU and OSU?

TA: "My decision is basically going to come down to academics because I like both schools so much. I am looking into which school is the best academically for me. I know both programs are great programs and both offer me so much.

"I got to go to a game at Oklahoma, so I got a chance to see a game atmosphere. I didn't get to see a game at OSU, but I really enjoyed my visit up there. Oklahoma State is working to expand their stadium and improve their facilities, and in a couple of years they are going to be very nice.

"Oklahoma has a great program. They have been great for several years, but Oklahoma State is a program that is improving and I really like it up there. I am really looking hard at the academics to see which school is better for me."

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