Recruiting: Juco DT commit solid or not?

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M JC defensive tackle Jeremy Gibbs talks about the status of his commitment after an official visit to Norman.


JH: How did your visit to OU go this weekend?

JG: "It was a great as it could."

JH: What was great about it?

JG: "I loved being around the players and being apart of the school atmosphere."

JH: You have been to OU a couple of times, so what was different for you on your official visit?

JG: "I just got a chance to see what it was like with school in session. The last time I was up there was in the summer time, and this time I got there and all the students were on campus and there was a lot going on. I thought their campus was nice and it looked like a great place to go college."

JH: Who did you hang out with on your visit?

JG: "I hung out with Remi (Ayodele) and C.J. Ah You. We had fun and just hung out with the players."

JH: Did you spend much time with OU DT Coach Jackie Shipp?

JG: "I spent a lot of time with Coach Shipp and Coach Stoops. They were pretty cool."

JH: You have been committed a long time to OU, but recently you said that you wanted to take some visits. Did Coach Stoops and Shipp talk to you about that decision?

JG: "We didn't talk about that much really. They both told me to do what I felt was best for me because they felt that I would learn that none of those schools were better than Oklahoma, especially after seeing Oklahoma."

JH: What are your thoughts on the Sooners now that you have visited officially?

JG: "It is better than I thought it was, and better than when I took my visit in the summer. I am still going to take the remainder of my trips, and then I want to sit down and make the best decision for me."

JH: So what are your remaining visits?

JG: "I am going to Iowa State this upcoming weekend and then Oklahoma State on January 20. I am supposed to go to Colorado, but I am going to sit back and wait on that because I don't know who their head coach is going to be."

JH: Are you still a soft commitment to OU?

JG: "I am still a soft commitment to OU, and unless something drastic happens I will still sign with OU on signing day."

JH: Do you look at the depth charts much at the schools you're considering, and who is losing what players to graduation?

JG: "The way I look at it is that anywhere that I go there is going to be competition, especially at a great school like Oklahoma. I just believe if I go in there and work that things will work out for me in the long run."

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