Recruiting: McCoy impressed with LSU visit

Oklahoma City five-star defensive tackle Gerald McCoy talks about his LSU visit and his opinion on staying in-state and current thoughts on Oklahoma.


JH: You are traveling everywhere in recruiting, did you travel much before recruiting?

GM: "Yes sir. My family has been every where. We have been to the White House and Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., the Statue of Liberty in New York City, and the famous Arc in St. Louis, and we went to Hollywood and to Beverly Hills in Bellaire, California. We have been to 35 different states. Traveling for recruiting has been great, but traveling itself has been nothing special."

JH: So it if safe to say that you like traveling?

GM: "It is fun to travel and see new things. I like getting out and seeing new things."

JH: You visited LSU this past weekend, so what were you impressions of the Tigers?

GM: "LSU was different that I thought it was going to be, in a good way. It was impressive in a good way and the coaches were real sharp. They could relate to me moving from Oklahoma to Louisiana, because they have done that recently. The players were real down to earth guys."

JH: What did you think of the facilities at LSU and their football program?

GM: "The facilities are great. They have top of the line facilities, and I found out there is some stuff to do in Baton Rouge. I thought it was going to be dead, but that wasn't the case. Everything was right around the school."

JH: You have been to so many different schools, so do they all present the same thing or have you found some unique things about each school?

GM: "Each school will impress you with their various things, but everybody has something unique. The only thing about a school that has stood out at this point is Notre Dame's graduation rate."

JH: Are you any closer to making a decision?

GM: "I am still open-minded at this point."

JH: Are saying that at this point you still might go anywhere in the country?

GM: "I wouldn't say I could go anywhere, but I have it down to seven or eight. They would be — USC, Notre Dame, OU, Virginia Tech, LSU and Miami."

JH: Any leader at this point?

GM: "No sir."

JH: Where are you going this weekend?

GM: "I go to Miami this weekend. I go on that trip with Jermaine Gresham."

JH: How well do you know Jermaine?

GM: "I know Jermaine pretty well."

JH: You are taking a ton of national trips, but you say that you are also interested in the state schools. What the local fans really want to know if you are interested in staying in-state?

GM: "I always remember what I have at home, but I always know that is more out there for me and it might be better for me. Being at home could be the best thing for me. We will just have to see."

JH: What are your latest thoughts on OU?

GM: "It is going the same. OU hasn't fallen off my list and they are still on it very high."

JH: How long have you known Coach Jackie Shipp, who is recruiting you?

GM: "We have known each other for four years. When we talk, he is not really recruiting me any more. I mean he is recruiting me, but not with recruiting talk. He just talks to me at this point."

JH: There are all kinds of speculation that you are a lean to Notre Dame. Is there any truth to that?

GM: "Spectators, fans and critics are just that — spectators, fans and critics. They have their opinions and their thoughts, but really nobody knows where I am going because I don't know where I am going."

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