Recruiting: Gresham ready for next visit

Four-star Ardmore, Okla. tight end Jermaine Gresham gives us the latest on his upcoming visits, thoughts on Oklahoma and recent surgery to repair an ACL injury.

Jermaine Gresham, TE, 6-6, 225, ARDMORE, OK:

JH: Did you feel that your injury occurred because of a cheap hit?

JG: "It is just football and I am not going to judge it. It was between the hash marks and I am not going to blame the dude that did that."

JH: When you first got hurt you really didn't think it was an ACL did you?

JG: "I didn't want it to be my ACL so I didn't go to the doctor. I just kept playing and finished the season."

JH: So you played in the game with your injured knee? At what percent were you really playing?

JG: "It was hard and not easy as you think it is. It affected me a lot during the game. I was probably running about 60 percent during the game. When I was blocking I was trying to work with my right leg to try to protect my left knee (ACL injury)."

JH: Did you think it was serious when your knee was first injured?

JG: "The first week I was going along and I just thought it was a bad bruise. Then when it didn't get better and I went to the doctor to test it, I kind of knew that it was an ACL."

JH: As soon as you found out it was an ACL, you immediately wanted surgery didn't you?

JG: "It was me that made that decision because I wanted to go ahead and get everything out of the way. I want to be ready when I get to college."

JH: You just had the surgery and you have just started rehab. How is it coming along?

JG: "It is coming along good. I started my first day of rehab today and everything is going well. Everything is on the up and up. I have pretty good movement, and as far as rehab I can bend it pretty well."

JH: If your knee had been healthy would Ardmore have won the state title?

JG: "We just played bad as a team. I am not going to blame the loss on the knee. We just didn't play well."

JH: Have you talked to Oklahoma about your knee injury?

JG: "They still want me. They tell me that I will come back and play as good as new. None of the college coaches have lost interest in me because of this."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

JG: "It is a good school and a great school to tell you the truth. They have great people there and they have a great university. However, I don't have anything to compare it to and so I need to take another visit and see what some other school is like." JH: What has Oklahoma talked to you about incorporating you in their offense?

JG: "They have just told me that if I come there that I could open a whole lot of other things for other people. They are saying that I could make a major difference."

JH: Where do you go this weekend?

JG: "I am going to Miami this weekend. I am looking to see what kind of atmosphere for college football exists at Miami. I am looking to see how well the guys get a long and how the coaches get a long with the players."

JH: What is your schedule after the Miami visit?

JG: "I have USC, LSU and Tennessee in January."

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