Recruiting: Hawaii lineman checks out Norman

Hawaii OL Micah Kia talks about his visit to the mainland, including a recent trip to Norman.

Micah Kia, OL, 6-5, 305, 5.41, MILILANI, HAWAII:

JH: I know you are hanging out on the mainland for a couple of weeks, but is this the first time you have been over on the mainland?

MK: "I have been over before to see family, but never for this extended time."

JH: How long is your trip?

MK: "I am spending about a week and a half. I called the schools that I was interested in and started to line-up my trip and put it together, because I wanted to see as many as I could in that short timeframe."

JH: Did you trip start at Tennessee or did you have one more before that?

MK: "My trip started at Tennessee. I like them a lot and really enjoyed the visit. I like the program and, of course, it is a very big program."

JH: You said that one of the key things for you in choosing a school would be how comfortable you felt at the school, so how comfortable were you at Tennessee?

MK: "I did feel very comfortable when I went there. I had a good time with my host Jessie Mahelona. I felt welcomed at Tennessee and they are definitely a school that I am considering."

JH: Was your next trip to Oklahoma?

MK: "I went to Oklahoma next and I like them a lot. The facilities are unbelievable. My host was C.J. Ah You and he was a real cool guy. He is only one, or one of the only Polynesians that is at OU. He is enjoying his time at OU, and I felt very comfortable at OU. I am very impressed with the program, because it is a very big program with many years of success. I was very impressed with the academic side. I am going to have my work cut out for me when I have to make my decision."

JH: What did you think of the coaching staff at OU and the opportunity that you would have in the offensive line?

MK: "They have a great need for offensive linemen because they are going to lose several seniors. I would have a great opportunity to play and that definitely will go into consideration when I make my decision. I like the coaches a lot. Coach Chris Wilson is the one recruiting me and I got to sit down with Coach Kevin Wilson, who is the offensive line coach. Both are good guys."

JH: So now you are at UCLA?

MK: "I am in Los Angeles, but my visit does not start until Friday. I am staying with family right now. I am just going to chill here with my family for a little while and then head over to UCLA on Friday. One thing that will be different at UCLA is than the other schools that I have visited so far is that UCLA is in a big city. I am not really a big city type, so it will be interesting to see UCLA and what kind of college atmosphere they have."

JH: Did you miss a lot of school to make this trip?

MK: "We are in the final week at school and I took all my finals before I left. So after my visit to UCLA I will go back to Hawaii and school will be over for this semester."

JH: In an earlier interview with me you said that you might make another trip in January. Are you still planning on doing that?

MK: "I don't know if I am going to take another trip in January or not. I hope to have my decision by Christmas. If I am able to do that, then I don't need another trip in January. If I can't make my decision at Christmas I will try to make it in early January. My decision is going to be very tough to make and I have a lot to think over."

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