Recruiting: OU making late run at Vegas DB

Las Vegas, Nev. safety Quinton Carter talks about his final two and interest in the Sooners.

Quinton Carter, FS, 6-1 ½, 187, 4.45, LAS VEGAS (CHEYENNE HS) NEVADA:

Every year you know that OU Secondary Coach Bobby Jack Wright is going to find a player that not many others are recruiting. He is also going to be a player that wasn't on the Sooners' recruiting radar early, but by the time that Coach Wright finds him, evaluates him and makes the decision to recruit him OU will be right in the middle of his recruiting. Well, this years recruiting find for Coach Wright is Quinton Carter , who is a three-year starter at Cheyenne High at several different positions.

"I have always been an athlete playing all over the place," said Carter. "I have played quarterback, tailback, wide receiver, cornerback, linebacker and safety. I have always liked safety because I like to hit. I like to hit and go after the ball, and I love to go after the ball and get interceptions. We don't get thrown at much, so I don't usually get many interceptions."

This past season Carter primarily played safety, but he played some at quarterback and tailback as well. He finished with close to 100 tackles on the year, and many felt he should have been named the Defensive Player of the Year in Las Vegas.

Carter can bench 300 pounds and squat 425 four times. He has started in hoops a year ago averaging 15 points per game, but he is not playing this year because he is going to graduate in two weeks.

"I am very excited about graduating and getting a jumpstart on the '06 recruiting class and my education. I hope to graduate from college by the middle of my junior year so that I can finish school in college taking hours towards my graduate degree."

Quentin has been offered by Oregon State, Fresno State, UCLA, UNLV, Colorado State, Utah and Oklahoma.

"I am still looking at Fresno State and Oklahoma. They are my top two schools. Oregon State would come after them."

So how did Carter and Oklahoma hook up?

"I think one of my family friends who is always around called Oklahoma and told them about me," said Carter. "My friends name is Jack Weatherford. He is 83-years-old and more of a grandpa to me than a friend. He went to Oklahoma and loves Oklahoma. When he got hold of somebody in the coaching staff they ask him to send a tape, and when we did they liked it."

What does Carter think about Oklahoma?

"I really like Oklahoma a lot because they are a good school academically. Everybody knows that their football program is as good as any other program in the country. My decision is coming down to Oklahoma and Fresno State, and I am going to visit Oklahoma on Friday. I have already been to Fresno State back in October. I am looking for a good football team where I can come in and play, but on the other hand if I don't make it on the next level I want to be able to graduate and have a good education to fall back on."

How important is depth chart at the safety position?

"I guess it is important in that I will check it out and see who they have at safety and how many young guys they have. It is not the main factor because I feel wherever I go I will have to compete for a job, and I know that. They way I look at it, they will also have to compete against me. I will look at it, but there are more important things in recruiting."

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