Recruiting: Jenks lineman close to a decision

Jenks, Okla. offensive lineman Chase Beeler talks about his thoughts on Oklahoma after his visit to Norman last weekend.

Chase Beeler, OL, 6-3, 275, JENKS, OKLAHOMA:

JH: What did you think about your visit to OU?

CB: "I was impressed. I had seen most of the athletic facility prior to that visit, but the primarily reason I went up there was to get the feeling of the academic side of the things. I had a chance to talk to President (David) Boren about the academic culture at OU. It was such an honor to speak with him and I am honored that he took an interest in me. He told me that OU has improved a great deal in their academic standings and he said that soon the academic rankings would show that. He said that the latest data would kick in about in 10 years. He said watch out that in the next few years Oklahoma was going to be a major player in the academic field as well as athletic field."

"He also told me, and I didn't know about this, that OU has an Honors College, which is a college within the college. There are certain requirements that you need to meet to get accepted into the Honors College. Once you get there the class size is smaller and most of your courses are taught by an actual professor, and not by a graduate assistant, which is the case in most standard classes. All of that was really helpful, and the best aspect of the visit was that I got to talk to President Boren just as a person. The President of the University sitting down to talk to you is just awesome. That was really impressive to me."

JH: Is it safe to stay that you left OU more impressed with the academic situation than you were before your visit?

CB: "I was impressed, no doubt. While I was there I didn't have any more questions, but once I got home I developed a few minor questions. When I talked to Coach Wilson tonight he said that he was going to hook me up with Teresa Turner (Associate Director of Academic Affairs & Academic Counselor) and she is going to answer most of those questions. I have a pretty good concept of OU's academic situation. I know she is a former athlete at OU and I would like to get her perspective on being a student/athlete at OU.

"I would imagine the Director of the Academic Center puts quite a bit of emphasis on academic success. She is going to answer any question that she can, and those that she can't she is going to call President Boren if there is something that he can answer best. I am also going to talk to the Chair of the History Department. That it is one of the areas that I am going to major in and it is a pretty general area. If I can't talk to the Chair of the Department, then I hope to talk to one of the professors to get the feel for things on a much smaller level."

JH: Who was your host on the visit?

CB: "My host was Ryan Reynolds."

JH: What was your impression hanging around the players and coaches at OU?

CB: "I really liked them. They seemed like a great group of guys. One of my former teammates has walked-on up there and I am getting some inside information form him. It was good to just get down there and see the team and see it in action."

JH: Did you get a chance to talk to Coach Kevin Wilson much about the offensive line? Or did you already have a pretty good idea about the situation in the offensive line?

CB: "No, I got to talk to him quite a bit. I was pretty well set on where I was at to begin with, but there is always room for clarification. I got to talk to Coach Stoops, and I got to spend some time with Coach Wilson and get to know him a little bit better. I got to know him on a more personal level, I guess is the way you could say it. Overall, more than just on football I got to talk to them on a man-to-man level. I also got to watch practice Friday and Saturday. During practice, Coach Wilson pulled me aside and talked to me about some of the offensive plays and he gave me a crash course on the offense to see how I felt about it. All of that was pretty neat."

JH: Now that you have visited Norman, what are your thoughts on Oklahoma and where they stand?

CB: "Right now I would say that they are one of my very best schools, and they have certainly made my decision very tough. Going in I wasn't sure about a lot of the academics at OU, and that was why I was hanging back. I was holding off getting down to make a decision, because I wanted to compare the schools at a microcosmic level. Now that I have a better understanding of their academic situation it has really made it a more difficult decision. However, I want to point out that that is very, very, very favorable towards OU. OU is now looked at from my point of view as a school that has a lot to offer not just athletically, but also academically."

JH: Where you worried about that before this visit?

CB: "Yeah, I had talked to Coach Wilson and he told me what he could, but he couldn't give me a complete detail how the academics work. That was one of my concerns going in that the academics wouldn't be up to par. But on my visit they showed me that their academics were outstanding. I have a couple of lingering questions, but for the most part OU answered every question that I had."

JH: Are you close to making a decision? And how does your recruiting situation shape up at this point?

CB: "I am not planning on taking any other visits. I hope I can decide soon. I talked Coach Wilson a little bit and he said that they are starting to get limited on their spots that they have left. They are planning on taking 25 and they have 16 commits right now. All the coaches have a player or two they want, but Coach Wilson says they are going to take at least seven offensive linemen. So, it is getting down to the wire and I am afraid that if I don't make a decision soon that they will get down the line so to speak. I am looking hard at OU and Stanford and I hope to have a decision soon."

JH: What are you going to major in again?

CB: "I am going to major in history, philosophy or political science."

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