Recruiting: Muskogee DE talks about OSU ties

Are Muskogee DE Derek Burton's ties to Oklahoma State too strong for Oklahoma to overcome?

Derek Burton, DE, 6-2, 245, MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA:

JH: Have you taken any visits yet?

DB: "No, I am going to Tulsa this weekend. Then next month I am going to take about four visits?

JH: Do you have any set up at this time?

DB: "On the 13th I go to Tennessee, 20th to OU and on the 27th to OSU."

JH: I know you are just now really getting into recruiting because you guys played so long into the playoffs, so what are your thoughts at this point?

DB: "I am just trying to take it one day at a time. I know a lot about these schools as far as stats and what the coaches say each school can offer me. I need to get on their campus and see what their school atmosphere is like, check out their academic support and just see if I can fit in at each school."

JH: Who have you visited unofficially?

DB: "I have been to OU, OSU and TU unofficially."

JH: Most people feel that you are really deciding between OU and OSU. Is that true? Or are you keeping more of an open mind than that?

DB: "I have always had an open mind I think. All three of the in-state schools have a good chance to sign me, but I will go out to Tennessee and see what it is like. If I feel more comfortable out there then I will go out there, but I just need to take my visits and see where I feel the most comfortable."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

DB: "I knew they are a good program and I like their defensive line coaches — Coach (Jackie) Shipp and Coach (Chris) Wilson. I just need to go there and see if I can fit in there I guess."

JH: How about OSU?

DB: "It is about the same. I like the coaching staff and they know my parents, and that is always good. I like their defensive line coach — Chris Barns. Really, it is about the same. I just need to get on campus and meet the players and see how I fit in."

JH: OK, how about Tulsa?

DB: "They have a great academic program and that is always good because my parents want me to do well in the classroom. Tulsa had a great season and they are winning their conference. They are playing well right now."

JH: Your father started at OSU, so does that make you a little more interested in them at all?

DB: "I am not trying to let it, but you know it well because my father did play there. He is not trying to influence me at all, but it is just human nature for me to know more about their program and to have a general interest in their program, because my dad played there. I mean, my dad does love OSU and I grew up in an OSU household. My dad is not going to be mad at me if I go to OU or Tulsa. He is letting me make my decision. The fact he played college football has been a big help to me during the recruiting process."

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