RECRUITING: Texas DE/LB has impressive list

Keller, Texas DE/LB Walter Boye-Doe talks about his interest in Oklahoma


Walter is not only blessed with one of the great names in Texas high school football, but he is one of the top defensive football talents as well. Boye-Doe is heading into his third year as a starter and to demonstrate his toughness, he was a defensive tackle as a sophomore at 185 pounds.

ÒPlaying defensive tackle is a whole lot tougher than it looks like,Ó said Boye-Doe. ÒIt looks like you just hit somebody, but there is a lot more to it than that, but I liked it. One thing about it is that you are making contact with somebody on every play.Ó

As a junior Boye-Doe moved to defensive end and had a banner season with 120 tackles, 12 sacks and two interceptions. Boye-Doe can bench 315 pounds, squats 500 and participated in basketball, track and soccer. Boye-Doe comes off the bench in basketball, is a solid player in club soccer and runs the 100M (11.5) and 200M.

Walter isnÕt sure about going to any summer camps this summer, and at the moment he is leaning toward staying home to work in the weight room all summer. WalterÕs brother, Howard, is a starting linebacker at Wisconsin and admits that watching his brother go through the recruiting process will help him handle what will come his was this up coming year.

ÒYes, it definitely will,Ó said Walter. ÒI will take a different attitude in recruiting because of what I watched with him. I think I can now tell what colleges will really want and need me between those that are really just talking and not telling my the truth.Ó

Boye-Doe admits that he likes Colorado, Notre Dame, Ohio State, OU, LSU, Texas A&M, TCU, UCLA, Colorado State, Wisconsin and Michigan State with an offer coming from Colorado.

ÒI am still waiting to see what some of these colleges will want to do with me,Ó said Boye-Doe. ÒI like Oklahoma a lot and I like how their defense is set up. I love how they run their defense and how their linebackers really go after the ball. They all have great reaction to the ball. However, I really donÕt have a favorite and at this point. I want to keep my options open.Ó

Walter says the fact his brother is at Wisconsin will not help the Badgers in his recruiting.

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