Texas DE wastes little time making decision

Carrollton, Texas DE Jeremy Beal talks about his visit to Norman and commitment.


JH: Jeremy, when I talked to you earlier you said you loved your visit to Oklahoma. And then when I talked to you a little bit later you said you were committing to OU. So what put you over the edge?

JB: "My mom and I sat down and evaluated all the colleges and decided that Oklahoma was the best place for me. So we just decided to go ahead and commit."

JH: What was it that put OU over the top?

JB: "It was many things. It was location, coaching, facilities, education and the campus. It was all great. My mom loved the campus ,and I did too. She loved the town and I think Norman is great. So, I just thought that I would go ahead and commit."

JH: Did the fact that OU was running out of scholarships speed up your decision?

JB: "That was a factor, because we knew if we wanted to go to Oklahoma that we needed to step up and get it done."

JH: Who did you choose Oklahoma over?

JB: "I chose Oklahoma over Alabama, Duke, TCU and Texas A&M."

JH: You said you were celebrating with your friends, so what did they think about you committing to OU?

JB: "They were happy for me. They were glad that I got my wish and that I get a chance to go to Oklahoma and get a chance to play there."

JH: Have they all gone out and bought OU hats and sweatshirts yet?

JB: "No, not yet. But I hope they do."

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