Halzle confident OU can replace Long

California Junior College Quarterback Joey Halzle talks about Chuck Long's departure to San Diego State and if that will affect his decision.


OUIN: Does the fact that Chuck Long has left OU to take the head coaching job at San Diego State affect your decision to sign with OU at all?

JH: "No, it does not affect my decision. I not only committed to Coach Long, but I also committed to Coach Stoops and the University of Oklahoma football program. I know how college football works. I know that with the great programs their assistant coaches will get opportunities to get promoted or to get head coaching jobs elsewhere. I am bummed that Coach Long is not going to be at OU because I would have enjoyed working under him, but the fact he is leaving does not affect my decision at all. I know they are going to bring in another good coach for me to work with and I am looking forward to working with whoever the next quarterback coach is going to be."

OUIn: Did his decision surprise you at all?

JH: "I was a little surprised. I saw the scroll across the bottom of the screen when I was watching a football game. When I saw that, I called Coach Stoops and he assured me that everything was going to be OK. He assured me that he would go out and hire another great coach to work with."

OUIN: Are you curious about whom the next QB coach is going to be?

JH: "I know that I have absolute confidence that he is going to hire a great coach. He already has a great group of coaches there to work with."

OUIN: Have you talked to Coach Long about his decision?

JH: "I haven't spoken to him yet. I may not get to at this point."

OUIn: You have to be getting pumped knowing that you will be at OU in just a couple of weeks?

JH: "I think school starts January 17 and I hope to be up there a week before that. I am really looking forward to it."

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