Sooner state sleeper still planning visits

Altus, Okla. athlete Daniel Tabon talks about his visit to Norman and upcoming trips.

Daniel Tabon, ATH, 6'3, 215, 4.45, ALTUS, OKLAHOMA:

One of the big keys to the success of the University of Oklahoma football coaching staff is that they never quit searching for talent or evaluating prep talent. And because of that, many times they uncover and discover tremendous athletes who for one reason or another fall through the cracks of the college football recruiting cycle.

That is case with Daniel Tabon, who has been a three-year starter during his prep career. But because of the fact he moved from Altus his sophomore year to Lawton for his junior season and then back to Altus again, many college programs lost track of this super athlete.

However, they have lost track no longer and now all of a sudden he is one of the hottest prospects in Oklahoma with several options on where to play his college football.

This past weekend, Tabon visited Oklahoma and earlier today I talked to him about that visit and about his options concerning his future college football career.

JH: What did you think of your visit to OU this weekend?

DT: "I enjoyed it. They showed me a lot of nice things down there. I feel like they run a great program and I didn't feel they tried to hide anything from me. They were pretty straight up with me the way things are. They are pretty regimented and it is easy to see why OU is a great program."

JH: What do you think about all the publicity you have been receiving lately? Did it catch you by surprise a little bit?

DT: "Yes, it did. At the beginning of this year, I had nobody looking at me. I went to the Tulsa camp this year and did pretty well but I didn't get any offers. It was when I sent out my highlight tape when I started to get a little notoriety."

JH: What does it feel like to be one of the hot prospects in the state of Oklahoma?

DT: "I really haven't thought about it like that. It feels pretty good to have a couple of choices to choose from for my college education."

JH: When you went to that Tulsa camp did they offer you?

DT: "No, they didn't."

JH: Even when you ran a 4.5 forty at the camp?

DT: "I actually ran a 4.45, but they didn't offer. They still haven't offered me to this day."

JH: What positions did you play at Altus this season?

DT: On the defensive side of the ball, I played linebacker, defensive end, cornerback, free safety. And on offense, I played quarterback, running back, tight end and split end."

JH: How is your versatility paying off in recruiting?

DT: "The coaches are looking at me because I can do a lot of different things. Most coaches I talk to don't even know if I am going to play on offense or defense yet, so being versatile really helps when you are being recruited."

JH: What position is Oklahoma talking to you about playing?

DT: "They really don't know if I am playing defense or offense, but they did offer me when I went up there on my official visit."

JH: Are they looking at you more at linebacker?

DT: "Yes, they are looking at me more as a linebacker."

JH: Where do you feel your best position will be in college?

DT: "I think if they coach me up anywhere I will be able to contribute anywhere they play me, but I think my best position is probably linebacker."

JH: Is linebacker the position that you like the best?

DT: "It has been a while since I played linebacker, but I think I can find a spot at linebacker."

JH: You found a home for your senior year at Altus and you really prospered under the stability of your home life your senior year didn't you?

DT: "I came back to Altus knowing that I didn't have very many chances left. So, I just decided to do what was best for me and do what was best for my family. I have been staying out of trouble and working on my studies, and it has paid off on the ball field. I am just working hard. I have to give thanks to my coaching staff especially my head coach (Len) Hepner and the defensive coordinator (Gerry Pruitt) who really helped me out."

JH: I can tell by just talking to your parents (Kelly and Nancy Cox) that you have parents that you love you very muchl?

DT: "Yes sir. They sure do. We have been through a lot together and they have never gave up on me. If wasn't for them, I would not be in the position that I am right now. They have been through a lot and always been there for me. I love them a lot."

JH: Coming off your visit to Oklahoma, where do you stand in recruiting?

DT: "Oklahoma is the only official visit that I have taken. I made couple of unofficial visits to Tulsa. I am probably going to make official visits to TCU and Kansas pretty soon. They want to schedule visits with me and Texas Tech has been calling me. As far as official visits, I have only been to Oklahoma."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this point?

DT: "I am loving it, but I just want to make sure I do what is right for me. I want to try to take as many visits as I can. I have a visit set up with TCU on January 3."

JH: Now that you have visited Oklahoma, would you says that they have enhanced their chances to sign you?

DT: "I grew up as a kid always loving OU, so that is a plus. It is close to home and I saw the campus and facilities and how they run their stuff, and I am loving it. OU is probably my top choice."

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