Recruiting: Crow knows he needs to improve

Commanche, Okla. linebacker Brandon Crow talks about his visit to Norman.

Brandon Crow, LB, 6-2, 215, 4.6, COMANCHE, OKLAHOMA:

JH: What did you think of your visit this weekend, especially since you had already committed to OU before your visit?

BC: "It was a good time and I think it is going to be a place that fits me good. I think I am going to enjoy living there. I had fun this weekend. I already knew a lot about OU and what the environment was like, but the visit gave me a little better idea what I was getting into."

JH: What did you learn about OU that maybe you didn't know before?

BC: "I really didn't know much about the academic area before this visit. I met Teresa Turner and she told us everything that we needed to know about the academic center and academic support group. My parents were with me and they were very impressed with that part of the university. I knew a lot about the football end of it before I visited. It was fun to watch them practice and be around the players and coaches."

JH: I am sure during practice you paid attention to what the linebackers were doing. What did you think?

BC: "Obviously, I am going to have to get a lot better to compete there. But I would guess that would be the same with any freshman. We run a similar defense here in high school, but our terminology is a lot different. I was trying to pick up on it there and I was getting lost a little bit. They have some good players there. Ryan Reynolds looks like he is really good. One thing I am going to adjust to is how fast practices are. Everybody is flying around and there is not one wasted minute out there. The speed of the game is going to be something that I have to adjust to as well."

JH: Do you know which of the three linebacker positions you are going to play?

BC: "They didn't get into that. Coach Venables said when I got up there he would evaluate me and then determine which of the three positions I fit best at."

JH: Who was your host?

BC: "Ryan Reynolds was my host. He was great to hang around with. They had their banquet Friday night and we went to that and ate really well there. Saturday, we toured the whole campus and the academic center. We also toured the Switzer center. And on Sunday, we went to the basketball game. We ate real well all weekend. It seemed like we had anything that we wanted to eat."

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