Recruiting: Texas DB breaks down OU, LSU

Carthage, Texas DB Jason Teauge compares his visits to Norman and Baton Rouge.

Jason Teague, CB, 6-2, 190, CARTHAGE, TEXAS:

JH: What did you think about your trip to LSU?

JT: "I really enjoyed my visit to LSU. I enjoyed what they had to say and what they showed me about their academics. I enjoyed being at Oklahoma and little bit more because Oklahoma has players from East Texas and I had more in common with them. I enjoyed the overall visit a little more at Oklahoma."

JH: You seemed really impressed with the academics at LSU. What was it about their academic program that is so good?

JT: "I really don't know. They just toured me around their academic center and I watched as tutors and instructors were working hard with athletes and everybody was just studying. I thought it was a great environment to study in."

JH: What was your take on LSU's secondary and how you might fit in at corner?

JT: "First, they don't have a committed corner in this class and they don't have a corner on their team that is younger than a junior. Then they don't have a corner over 6-foot, so they don't have a corner anything like me on their team. I seem to have everything that their corners don't. At Oklahoma, it is about the same. But Oklahoma has at least one young corner in their program and they have two committed in this class. So whoever goes there as a corner is going to face some tough competition."

JH: Have you narrowed your decision down to the two schools?

JT: "It is pretty much down to Oklahoma and LSU."

JH: Now that you have visited both Oklahoma and LSU, what is your take on recruiting?

JT: "I just got back from two big schools that I like. Now I need to sit down and figure out where I really want to go. I hope to have this decision by Christmas or at least I hope to have a favorite by then. By Christmas, I hope to know where I am going."

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