McCoy ready to begin decision-making process

Gerald McCoy talks about his Miami visit and being named the National Defensive Player of the Year.

It's been a busy last six days from Oklahoma City five-star defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

Last weekend, McCoy took his fifth and final visit to Miami, and then on Wednesday, he was named the National Defensive Player of the Year by USA Today as well as started practicing for the Southeast wrestling team

Finally, on Wednesday night, McCoy took a break long enough to talk to about recruiting and his latest honor.

JH: Congratulations for being named the USA Today Defensive Player of the Year. How do you feel about that?

GM: "It is exciting. I am so happy that somebody finally realized how hard I work to get to where I am. It is great that I could bring some publicity to Southeast High School in Oklahoma City."

JH: How does it make you feel to know that all those wind sprints, push-ups and hours in the weight room have paid off so far?

GM: "I just thank God every day for just giving me the ability to wake up and see all this. That is really where it all comes from. I can only work so hard, but the ability comes from God and what he allows me to do. God is who I give all the credit to."

JH: What was it like when USA Today called you and said that you were their Defensive Player of the Year? Was it a big deal when they came out to take your picture?

GM: "To me, it was a big deal. But it really wasn't because nobody knew about it. That day I was also very busy. I had another photo shoot at the Daily Oklahoman, because I was named Player of the Year here as well. That day was real crazy because I was real busy. I had a lot to do and I also had a secret Santa day. Also, that same day I had our football banquet."

JH: When you look at some of those names on the USA Today team I am sure you have got to know a few of them during your recruiting travels. What do you think about of that group?

GM: "I am glad to be thought of among the elite players in the nation. I am glad people put me up there. Sometimes good players can be overlooked. I got out there and I thank God for allowing me to be on this team with some of these elite athletes."

JH: How did you like your visit to Miami?

GM: "It was fun man. It was everything that everybody said that it would be. The housing is located in a real nice area. It is a private school and there is a lot of stuff to do down there, and the players are real cool guys. They have a real strong family atmosphere down there. The coaches are smart and they know what they are talking about.

"The defense there is real fast. That is why they are ranked among the top teams in the country, and for a while they were ranked No. 1 in defense. Football is just on another level down there. The publicity that you can get for just going to Miami is crazy. It was cool. It was good to see the same school that my inspiration went too. Warren Sapp graduated from that school."

JH: Have you had a chance to talk to Warren Sapp?

GM: "Man, if I can talk to Warren Sapp I would move next door to his house."

JH: Many times former players come back and meet with recruits, but you're saying that happen this time?

GM: "No, none of the former players down there."

JH: What is your take on the defensive tackle situation at Miami?

GM: "I think I can go in there and compete. They have two guys leaving and I think I can go in there and compete for a spot. One thing they are not afraid to do is play freshmen, because they had freshmen starters this year. They actually had true freshmen, so they are not afraid to play young guys. If you are the best player on the field, then that is who they are going to play."

JH: Your visits are now over, so put recruiting in perspective for us?

GM: "Recruiting, as far as visits, go was tiring but I would not trade that opportunity for the world. It was so fun. I hate that it is over. At times I would say to myself that man I can't wait to get this over, but now that it is over I hate that it is over because it was so fun. I got to see different parts of the country and different people and how they live. I got to see how other people's lives are, and that the state of Oklahoma is not the only state in the nation. We are not the only type of people in this country. I also loved seeing the great tradition of the other schools that you watch on TV. So, I loved it."

JH: Who are the schools that you are considering at this point?

GM: "I am down to my final six and I am going to sit down and make pros and con chart to determine where I am going to go."

JH: Who are the final six?

GM: "They are OU, Notre Dame, USC, Virginia Tech, LSU and Miami."

JH: Who will be involved in the decision?

GM: "Me, my family and God. I am going to need serious prayer."

JH: How do you feel about the Sooners at this point?

GM: "OU hasn't changed with me at all. You know, you hear the same thing from me every time. They have not fallen off my list and they haven't changed anything with me or my judgment of them hasn't changed. Some things I didn't know about OU I found out that is helping me, and that is a good thing for OU. I can't tell you what those things are, but I am telling you it is good for OU. OU hasn't fallen off my list. I have always liked OU, so they don't have to change anything."

JH: What do you think of Oklahoma's defensive tackle situation and how you might fit in if you signed with the Sooners?

GM: "I really think I could compete there because they are losing two seniors and everybody else is young. Most of their players at defensive tackle are just a year older than me. When I would go in there the highest player ahead of me would be two years. I really think I can compete if I go there. Besides, it doesn't matter because Tommie Harris went in there as a freshman and he started and there were seniors on the team. Dusty Dvoracek started as a freshman with seniors on the team, but it doesn't matter. If you can play you can play."

JH: I know you are on the wrestling team, so how is that going?

GM: "I haven't made weight yet (275), so as far as actual competition I couldn't tell you. As far as practice goes, it is cool and I think it is helping me. I played at 285 this year so I can make weight, but I need to work on it after that Army All-American game. My work ethic is going up to another level and I can drop the weight if I want to."

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