Holiday Bowl win helps OU land Beeler

Jenks offensive lineman Chase Beeler talks about his commitment to Oklahoma. Beeler says he chose the Sooners over Stanford, Northwestern and Oklahoma State.

Chase Beeler, OL, 6-3, 275, JENKS, OKLAHOMA:

JH: When did you officially make your decision? And what was the deciding factor?

CB: "Well, I honestly have to say that probably the biggest thing was trying to find something to counterbalance Stanford's academic opportunities. Where I found that was in President (David) Boren and the resources he had to offer. It was his political connections and his academic connections, and the promise of really receiving an arduous and stimulating academic challenge in attending a school like OU."

JH: When did it hit you that you were actually going to Oklahoma?

CB: "I was actually on the Internet and researching a little bit on President Boren trying to get an insight into some of the connections that he had, and some of what he has to offer. I was trying to find some of the hidden thoughts of what the University has to offer and finding that academic niche, and through the course of that it really did hit me. It was then that I started to realize that I wanted to go to Oklahoma."

JH: What day was it that you knew you were going to Oklahoma?

CB: "It was on Friday. Friday morning actually. I got up and it sunk in that I was going to Oklahoma."

JH: From a football standpoint, were the two schools close?

CB: "Honestly, not really. And that would be the other key in my decision. It was watching OU play in the Holiday Bowl that really did seal the deal for me, as it made me realize what Oklahoma Football has to offer. The academics and everything else are important to me, but to see that kind of emotion and a team having that much fun in a competitive environment just did it for me."

JH: So the fact that OU played so hard, and the team was so together in that win had something to do with your decision to pick OU?

CB: "Yes very much so."

JH: Was staying close to home a big deal to you?

CB: "No, it really wasn't. It took me a while to grasp some of the things that staying home has to offer for me, instead of what you lose heading out far away to a place like Palo Alto, Calif. It is just the little minor things that you don't recognize on a day-by-day basis. By taking my official visits to OU and then taking my official visit to Stanford, it made me realize how much staying close to home is important."

JH: Was this a decision that everybody in the family was totally in agreement with? I mean, your family would have supported you even if you would have gone to Montana wouldn't they?

CB: "Yes, more or less. My family would have liked for me to stay close to home. They wanted me to stay close to home, but they what they wanted most of all and ultimately was my happiness. That was what the decision was predicated on."

JH: Are you glad recruiting is over?

CB: "To be honest, yes. It is kind of nice to have the phone stop ringing a little bit. Now I can have some time to relax and not be in that constant state of stress that trying to make that kind of decision induces."

JH: You are a four-year starter at one of the best high school programs in the country, and now you are going to OU. What kind of expectations do you have going to OU?

CB: "I think the key thing to recognize is that you are only going to get out of it what you put into it. I think in going to OU working hard and performing well, I think if I arrive and I am able to do those things I would expect to be given an opportunity to play. If I show up and I am not on the ball, then I don't expect to be given any kind of significant position. I think my expectations are really based on what I feel I put forth."

JH: Are you a guard or a tackle at OU?

CB: "I think I am a guard unless I shoot up another two to three inches."

JH: What will you do now to get ready for the summer workouts at OU?

CB: "Here of late, I have been working out hard and right now I am throwing the shot. There is a workout that goes along with that. I do a little extra conditioning on my own with the football exercises. I also run on my own."

JH: Was it tough telling Stanford no?

CB: "Yes it was. It was tough telling all those schools that I dealt with through the recruiting process that I wasn't going to their school. All of them have great coaches and they put their best foot forward and tried to do everything that could to sign me. It was a little bit hard to tell them no, but they have been told no before and they know each player can only sign with one school. Only one school was going to come out a winner. The way I looked at it was kind of like a state championship in football. There was only going to be one winner and everybody else was going to finish second. Everybody else was going to be upset, but life goes on."

JH: Who else besides OU and Stanford were involved at the end?

CB: "Oklahoma State and Northwestern were two other schools that I seriously considered."

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