Stoops denies NFL rumors in radio interview

"No, that's not something I'm looking to do. I love what I'm doing here. I feel our future's incredibly bright. We still have more to do here. Again, I'm excited too much about what I'm doing," said Bob Stoops on WWLS The Sports Animal on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Sandy Huffaker)

Below are OU head coach Bob Stoops' comments Wednesday afternoon on WWLS The Sports Animal with Al Eschbach and Jim Traber regarding the rumors that he had interviewed for and is interested in the vacant head coaching position for the Kansas City Chiefs.


Al Eschbach: "Are you going to be the next coach of the Kansas City Chiefs?"

Bob Stoops: "You know, I don't know where all that comes from. It's funny, I just caught wind of it today. I don't sit around and monitor what the pulse of my well-being is or what everybody thinks I'm doing.

"But I took a couple days off, and in fact I was at guys ever been to the Ardmore Wildnerness area down there? I just took my children and it was the best. So, coming back people are calling me about all this. I don't know where all that comes from.

"No, that's not something I'm looking to do. I love what I'm doing here. I feel our future's incredibly bright. We still have more to do here. And again, I'm excited too much about what I'm doing.

"I don't know where people...somebody called and told me I had already interviewed for a job. You don't have a job like I have and you go interviewing. That's what I don't think people get. I'm not going to be going interviewing for anything.

"I do know a lot of these people around the league that I am friends with and know pretty well that if I speak with them those are private conversations, and I'm not going to divulge whether I have or haven't spoke to anybody. But I'm not going to interview anywhere and be one of five candidates trying to get a job. That doesn't make sense in the position we're in here and what our future looks like here."

Jim Traber: When you hear these things, are they flattering or are they just a pain in the neck?

Bob Stoops: "They're neither. It's always decent, not that people around the media and fan base are talking about it, it's more you appreciate it if people in the league do recognize you as a person that they want to speak with, or they think you could do a good job. Those kind of things.

You appreciate that they feel your body of work or what you stand for is what they're looking for. But outside of that, I don't look at it as a pain because I'm not sitting around monitoring it.

I didn't even realize...a couple of friends called today and said, "You better...' And I'm like, 'What are you talking about?' Well, they said for the last two or three days everybody's talking about this (Kansas City rumors).

Well, I don't know. I'm not sitting there listening to it. I don't have the radio on and I'm not on any computers following anything. I just took a couple days outside of recruiting and just got away.

Anyhow, it really doesn't bother me either. I just don't pay much attention to it.

Al Escbhach: "Now Bob, I've got a bet with Dean (Blevins) and I'll grease your palm if you help me win this thing. He says in five years you will not be the coach at OU. I say you will be."

Bob Stoops: "Well, what's it worth to you Al? What kind of greasing you talking about?

"It's not fair to say. Put it this way, I hope I'm wanted here in five years. I intend to be here that long or longer, but you never know.

"You just don't know in this business whether you'll be wanted to be around, how the climate in this world changes is always different. Again, I feel great and fortunate to be in the position we're in here and what we've accomplished and what the future looks like.

"So, I hope to be. I'm not looking to do anything else, but you gotta admit from year to year you don't always know what's in front of you or what you need to do and the changes that happen within your family.

"Again, hopefully everything continues as it is and that people are hoping I'm still here."

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