Murray ready to make final decision

Five-star running back DeMarco Murray talks to about his final two schools -- OU and USC -- on the eve of his decision. Murray will make his announcement on national television during the U.S. Army All-American Game Saturday on NBC. Kick-off is set for 12 p.m.

DeMarco Murray, a five-star running back from Las Vegas, Nev. who will make his decision between OU and USC tomorrow during the U.S. Army Army All-American game, talked to after his final practice Friday to give us the latest scoop on what he is thinking before he announces his decision on national TV tomorrow.

JH: How have practices going, especially against some of the very best players in the country?

DM: "They have been going pretty good. We have been really getting after it at practice. I have been competing against some of the best players in the country, and I have been giving it the best effort that I can. I have not been intimidated at all. In fact, I realize that I can certainly play at this level. It is not that I doubted that, but when you actually get into competition in a game like this you really find out just how good you are, and I have proven to myself that I am as good as any player here. We have been flying around and getting after it."

JH: Are you just going to play running back in the game?

DM: "I will play running back. I am alternating with Michael Goodson and Emmanuel Moody every series."

JH: What has the intensity been like at practice?

DM: "It has kind of been like a high school state championship game. Everybody is trying to prove something, and every time you do a drill you know you are going up against a great player. It is good on good in every single drill or every single play just like in the state playoffs or state championship game. I realize that it is an All-American game and a lot of players have come here to prove they are the best player in the country, so I have to match that intensity or I am not going to match up. I love to compete and I have enjoyed competing against these players here. I have certainly found out that I belong here and that I can compete with these guys." JH: Are you still going to announce tomorrow during the game?

DM: "Yeah, probably."

JH: Is there a chance you won't announce tomorrow?

DM: "I am pretty sure I am going to announce tomorrow, but it will have to be totally sure I know what I am going to do. I am pretty sure now, but I will sit down and talk with my parents tonight and Coach White and think through the final details."

JH: Is your decision still down to OU and USC?

DM: "Yes, it is still between OU and USC."

JH: Can you give us any insight where you might be leaning?

DM: "I have not really made a decision at this time. The USC coaches were at practice today and the OU coaches were at practice yesterday. Both coaching staffs have shown a lot of love to me and that means a lot to me. I am pretty sure I will know where I am going by the time I am to announce tomorrow. The players here that are going to USC have been telling me to go to USC, but I have talked to a number of guys here that are probably going to OU. Everybody, it seems, has an opinion you know. I will sit down with my parents tonight and Coach White, and we will come up with the best decision for me."

JH: What do you still have to find out about at this point?

DM: ‘I still have to decide which school I feel the most comfortable with. I still have to get to the point where I pick a school and feel totally sure that is where I want to play college football."

JH: So with just a few hours remaining in your decision, tell us what you are thinking about OU and USC?

DM: "Oklahoma has been great with me throughout the whole recruiting process. I have a great relationship with their coaches, and the players I have met really want me to play on their team. They also want me to play running back, and I want to play running back.

"USC still wants me to play defensive back, even though they have said that I can try to play running back. I know that doesn't mean that they want me to play running back, but I could always go there and prove that I can play running back for them. They are recruiting me to play defensive back.

USC has a lot of players who are going to sign with them playing in this game, and so does OU. I want to be a part of a good recruiting class. I know USC has a lot of good young players on their team, but I also know that OU has a lot of good young players on their team.

"Both teams are going to be good in the future. I think I know where I am going. After I eat with my family and Coach White I think I will be sure where I am going."

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