Wyatt moving on to the NFL

Oklahoma receivers coach Darrell Wyatt talks about his decision and coaching career in Norman.

On Thursday, the 39-year old Darrell Wyatt announced that he was leaving his position as the wide receiver coach and passing game coordinator at OU to accept the wide receiver coaching position with the Minnesota Vikings.

And Coach Wyatt took time out of his very busy day today to come on the OUInsider.com for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: Darrell, congratulations on accepting an opportunity to move to the NFL and coach with the Minnesota Vikings. Please talk about your decision to leave OU and move on to the Vikings?

DW: "Thank you James. I think it is a great opportunity to work for a quality organization and a great up and coming head coach in Brad Childress. I am excited about the opportunity, as they feature some very talented wide receivers. They have a talented team that finished 9-7 last year, and that has an outstanding opportunity to get back to the playoffs next year."

JH: How did this all come about where you put yourself into a position to get this opportunity?

DW: "I think people respect your work and they respect the product that you put on the field. I have been fortunate to be around some outstanding coaches at the University of Oklahoma. Obviously, Coach Stoops is as good as anybody in the business, and I have had a chance to work with some great players and great assistant coaches.

"I think the professional football teams and coaches noticed the exceptional way that our wide receivers have played over the last three or four seasons, and I was just blessed to have the opportunity to coach those young men. I worked really hard at it.

"You never know when these opportunities are going to come along. You just work hard and when they come along and they are the right fit and right situation I think it is something that you go after."

JH: You were part of a great program at OU, and while you were in Norman the Sooners won a bunch of games. You enjoyed great success while you were at OU and it seemed like you enjoyed working for Coach Stoops?

DW: "Well, there is no doubt about that. It has been a tremendous experience and it has been tremendous to work with Bob and the great staff that we have at Oklahoma. It was great to continue to grow as a professional, and as a coach.

"Bob gave me a lot of opportunities in terms of input into the game plan, gave me a huge area to recruit. It was an unbelievable experience for me. I would say again it is very difficult decision for me, because OU is such a great place. My family enjoys Oklahoma, the state, the University and the city of Norman.

"It is very difficult to leave a great group of young wide receivers, as the cupboard is certainly not bare. The University of Oklahoma will definitely be one of the top contenders next year for championships."

JH: As well as being a great receiver coach, you are also a great recruiter and you have had a great run of recruiting at OU. Just mentioning the fact that you signed Adrian Peterson would say a lot, but you also inked DeMarcus Granger, Malcolm Kelly, Manuel Johnson to name a few on the current roster. And you earned a commitment form Adron Tennell of Irving, Texas, the top wide receiver in Texas thus far this year. What was the key to your tremendous recruiting success at OU?

DW: "I really take a lot of pride in recruiting, as well as the remainder of the staff at the University of Oklahoma. One thing that is so unique at Oklahoma is that we do such a tremendous job of working together and teaming up on guys. It all starts with Bob and it is just a great group of coaches that enjoy recruiting, and who see it as a competitive extension of the game.

"We have veteran coaches on the staff like Bobby Jack Wright, Brent Venables, Jackie Shipp, Cale Gundy and all the others who are just a great group of guys who really work hard at recruiting. We work together. And again, I have been very fortunate to have some great guys in my area. I have really enjoyed the pursuit as well as actually signing the guys.

"I think the pursuit of recruiting the guys and doing it together is such a unique experience. It is rare to have a group of guys who are committed enough to work together and not worry about who gets all the credit.

"I just take a lot of pride to have been apart of recruiting some great players and working with a great staff at the University of Oklahoma. I look forward to my new opportunity, but I will miss working at OU a great deal."

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