Texas CB tells A&M he's headed to Norman

Former Texas A&M commitment Malcolm Williams talks about his switch to Oklahoma.

Malcolm Williams, CB, 5-10, 183, 4.37, GRAND PRAIRIE (SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL), TEXAS:

JH: Have you made a decision today?

MW: ‘Yes, I committed to Oklahoma today."

JH: Aren't you coming back from a visit to Texas A&M?

MW: "I am on my way back from Texas A&M. Coach Fran asked me before I made my decision if I would come by to see him. When I left OU, I was pretty sure what I wanted to do and he called me right after I left OU. I explained to him how much I liked OU, and at that time I told him I no longer considered myself a commitment to Texas A&M. He asked me if I would go by there and explain to him in person why I liked OU. So, I did that today, and now I am committed to OU."

JH: What did you tell him?

MW: "I just told him how I felt about it. I told him that I wanted to win and they have not being winning, and what they talk about is how these recruits were going to change things and what not. OU is winning and still wining, and that is not going to stop.

"Texas A&M even lost their defensive coordinator because they are losing. Let's say that in two years that doesn't change, then I stuck in a losing program. At Oklahoma, they are going to win and keep winning and I can guarantee that. That is the type of program that I want to be a part of."

JH: OU does not have a lot of depth at cornerback, so you have to feel pretty good about your chances for early playing time, don't you?

MW: "I am getting recruited as a corner, not as a free safety. I think I have a great opportunity at corner at OU. I know their depth chart and I know their injuries, I think whoever took that corner scholarship was going to play next year as a freshman. Now that I have it, I think I am going to go in there and play next year."

JH: How does it feel to be a Sooner?

MW: "Right now I am the happiest person in the world. I made the right decision and I know it is the right decision for me. I am the happiest person the world."

JH: Is it going to be any problem for you to make the transition from safety to corner?

MW: "It shouldn't be that much different, because I can play man and I am sure they will teach me how to play zone. I have good hips and it shouldn't be that much of a transition to switch over."

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