Knee injury slowing Crocker's season

Oklahoma basketball signee Tony Crocker updates his injury status.


JH: How is your season going?

TC: "I have been out with a knee injury. I torn my meniscus and I missed 10 games. Then I was in my first game back from that injury and five minutes into a landed on a guy's foot and sprung my ankle. So now I have missed two more games and I go back to the doctor tomorrow to see how that looks. I hope I get to play real soon."

JH: This season has had to be real frustrating for you?

TC: "Yeah, it has been real frustrating because before the injuries things were going great. If I didn't get hurt, I think I would be having my best year ever. I just need to get healthy and I am getting closer."

JH: Have you been following the Sooners much this season?

TC: "Yeah, I wish I could be there to help them. I was talking to Michael Ott by e-mail and I was asking him why they were losing these games at the buzzer. And he said that they just needed to work some kinks out. I am sure they will start playing better."

JH: How many games do you still have left to play?

TC: "The last game on our schedule is February 24, so we have a good amount of games still left on our schedule. I hope to be playing in about a week. That would still give me a good number of games to play."

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