James: "I just want to get to OU and win"

Sooner five-star signee Damion James talks about his high school season and future in Norman.

Damion James, G/F, 6-8, 225, NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS:

JH: How is your season going?

DJ: "It is going real well. We are 4-0 in district and I am averaging 27 points, 17 rebounds, six assists and five blocks a game."

JH: I know your numbers are great, but do you feel you are playing well?

DJ: "As long as we are winning it doesn't matter. If I only get four or five points, but we win, that is what I am talking about."

JH: Now that you are a big name in prep basketball and are a commitment to OU, do you ever get single coverage?

DJ: "It is never a single man-to-man. It is always a double-team or most of the time triple-team. I never get single coverage, but I always find a way to get open. I work hard and I come off screens, and I set good screens and look for the pass. I also post up hard. I have one man trying to hold me and then four other dudes who are waiting for me to make a move. I love that because I have my teammates open and we have a good team so I get an assist. We are playing great as a team."

(This phone call has proven to me that Damion James really loves being a Sooner. At this point he, just takes over the conversation and sounds very excited about being an Oklahoma Sooner!)

DJ: "I want to give a shout out to coach Sampson. You tell everybody in Norman and in Oklahoma, that Damion James loves coach Sampson."

JH: OU is struggling putting points on the board, so do you wish you could help them out?

DJ: "I tell coach that all the time. I wish I was there to help them out. It really hurts them that their point guard is used to scoring. As a point guard, you have to look to pass first and he is not used to doing that. He is a great player but the adjustment has been hard for him. I wish I was there, but I can't rush that. I am playing for Nacogdoches and I will be there next year."

JH: Have you kept up with rest of the latest Fab Five?

DJ: "I didn't know we had the No. 4 recruiting class in the country! Man, we have a good recruiting class. I just want to get to OU and win. My goal is to bring OU a national championship. Everybody is always bringing it up to my face that, 'Hey, Damion, you are only going to be at OU one year.' And I always tell them that I am going to be at OU as long as it takes to win a national championship. I am going hate to see the Oklahoma Sooners in two years, but even next year we are going to be ganging."

JH: It sounds like you are pumped about being a Sooner?

DJ: "My family is so excited about me coming to Oklahoma. Coach Sampson tells me that they have never had a player like me and I can't wait to get there. I weigh about 220 right now and I am asking him all the time what he wants me to weigh. He tells me to weigh what I weigh, because he has the best strength and conditioning coach in college basketball and he will get me right and get me where I need to be. Tell everybody that I have made my grades and I have my ACT. I will be on campus June the 1 and I will be ready along with my teammates to bring it for OU."

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