Recruiting: McCoy takes one last look

Oklahoma City five-star DT Gerald McCoy talks about his trip to Norman last Saturday.


JH: What did you think of the fans who chanted for you at the OU men's basketball game this Saturday?

GM: "It was crazy. I really enjoyed that. I was just watching the game and I heard it. At first I didn't know what they were saying, but I started to listen harder and I figured out what they were saying. I stood up and waved at all the fans and gave them a little peace sign. That caught me by surprise."

JH: I know you nickname is 'GK', but I don't know why?

GM: "My middle initial is Keith so people call me 'GK'."

JH: You said before you made your decision that you were going to make one more unofficial visit to OU, was that it this past weekend or will there be another one before signing day?

GM: "That was it."

JH: What now?

GM: "I am just going to talk to my parents about it and just decide."

JH: There has been a rumor that you didn't see the USC coaches last week and that you asked them to leave your school. Did you see the USC coaches last week?

GM: "Yes sir. I saw them last week. That isn't true about asking them to leave my school. They came to my school and came to my house."

JH: Do you still have three schools involved?

GM: "I am glad recruiting is just about over. Signing day has snuck up on me a little bit. I am going to decide between the three schools — OU, USC and LSU. I am going to announce at my high school."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

GM: "I always tell you the same thing, but it is the same. They are still high on my list and they are one of my three schools."

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