Recruiting: Brandon recruits during visit

Oklahoma OL commit Cory Brandon talks about his official visit to Norman.

Cory Brandon, OL, 6-6, 260, CORSICANA, TEXAS:

JH: You have been committed to OU forever, but you just took your official visit to OU this weekend. How did it go?

CB: "It went pretty good. I enjoyed the food and I enjoyed the people."

JH: You enjoyed the food huh?

CB: "The first place I went was to a place called O'Connell's, and it was great. I had a hamburger there. That Friday I went to Charleston's and I had chicken and ribs. On Saturday, I ate breakfast at the hotel and then went to Louie's for lunch. I had a Theta Burger. Then Saturday night we went to Outback and I the rockhampton steak. I might have put on two pounds."

JH: I Know you already knew a lot about OU before your visit, so what did you learn if anything new about OU?

CB: "I learned a lot about the academic center and their academic philosophy. I also talked coach Jerry Schmidt a lot and he put me to work. I did the bungee cord and hurdles and he made me show him my 40 stance. He seemed to be happy with it. He talked to me about adding weight and he told me to start eating. I eat a lot, but I think I have a high metabolism."

JH: How did your mom like the visit?

CB: "She liked and she thinks it is going to be good for me, but she still thinks it is too far. But she likes OU and she is happy that I am going there."

JH: How long did it take for you and your mom to drive to OU?

CB: "It took us about three and a half hours."

JH: I know you were at the basketball game and you talked some with prospects like Jermaine Gresham and Gerald McCoy didn't you?

CB: "I talked Jermaine the tight end dude quite a bit. Then I talked to Gerald a few time. You can tell just by looking at him and Jermaine that they are good players."

JH: How did your conversation go?

CB: "I think we got them to come to OU, but I am not sure. I wasn't bashful about asking them. I was trying to talk them into it. They didn't come right out and say it, but they through out several hints that they were coming to OU. Coach Stoops said that I was make a good recruiter."

JH: I am sure you had a chance to talk to Coach Wilson a bunch. What were your impressions of him?

CB: "He is a good coach and one of the reasons why I can to OU."

JH: I know that Coach Darrell Wyatt recruited you and I am sure that you were disappointed when he left for the Minnesota Vikings, but if you think about it once you get to OU you will be coached primarily by Coach Wilson anyway. So that had to ease your disappointment some, didn't it?

CB: "I was a little upset, but I will get over it. I am still going to OU to play. I would be working with Coach Wilson and Coach (Casey) Glynn a lot more anyway."

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