Recruiting: Gresham down to three

Ardmore, Okla. TE Jermaine Gresham talks about his final three and unofficial visit to Norman.

Jermaine Gresham, TE 6-6, 226, ARDMORE, OK:

JH: How is your rehab (knee) coming along?

JG: "It is coming along well. The people at Excel (rehab center and workout center in Ardmore) are pushing me pretty hard, but that is OK with me. I am doing well and I am ahead of schedule."

JH: Where are you at with your knee at this point?

JG: "I can't run on it yet, but I can jump on it. I can jump on a flat platform and do that several times. I have a lot more flexibility in my knee and more strength than I have had since the surgery."

JH: Are you going to be ready by the time two-a-days start?

JG: "Oh yeah. That is not going to be hard."

JH: What did you think of your unofficial visit to OU this past Saturday?

JG: "It was good, it was cool. I went to a basketball game and had a good time. I basically sat by Gerald (McCoy) and Coach Stoops. We just sat there enjoying the game. He didn't say much to us about recruiting. Coach Stoops loves basketball because he was having a great time talking about the game."

JH: You were scheduled to go to LSU, so what happened on that visit?

JG: "They cancelled on me, so I cancelled on them."

JH: What did they say?

JG: "They said they didn't have any more room for this weekend or something, so I just told them that was OK and that I was going to look elsewhere."

JH: Are you still going to Miami this weekend?

JG: "Yeah, I go to Miami this weekend."

JH: Is your decision down to OU and Miami?

JG: "No, it is a USC, Oklahoma and Miami decision."

JH: Do you have a favorite at this point?

JG: "No!"

JH: Are you still going with the theory that after you take all of your visits you will just know where you want to go and will have a good feeling about a school?

JG: "I am just going to let the recruiting process tell me where I am going. You will just know where you want to be after your visits. I am going to pick the school where the place feels like home. I can't really explain it, but I will know when I feel it."

JH: What kind of feeling do you have on OU right now?

JG: "Yeah, that was a great place. They have good people there and the players and coaches were great people. They have a good family atmosphere there."

JH: What did you think of your home girl Kendra Moore stepping up and making the big baskets to beat Baylor?

JG: "Yeah, that was great. I know Kendra real well. She is an Ardmore girl, so you have to like that. She was great. Tell her that I am real proud of her and tell her the whole town is proud of her."

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