Gresham talks about his decision

Four-star tight end Jermaine Gresham signed with Oklahoma this morning over Miami and USC.

Four-star tight end Jermaine Gresham talked with contributor Aaron Francl shortly after signing with the Sooners on Wednesday.

Congratulations Jermaine. How does it feel to finally have this decision behind you?
"It feels so great to be done with the process. There's a lot of pressure involved with it and it's nice to know that I don't have to deal with all the phone calls and all."

You really kept your feelings quiet throughout the process, was that deliberate?
"Kinda, not really. I just didn't want to have people all over me about things, well anymore than they already were. I just didn't want to be naming leaders each week and having to deal with all that, so I decided to stay a little quieter."

How difficult was the actual decision and how long have you known it was OU?
"It was very hard. Any time you have to decide something like this it's going to be hard. I knew it was going to be OU for a while now. I have always been real comfortable up there, I really like their players and that family atmosphere.

Did you know before your visit to Miami?
"Yeah, I pretty much knew. I still wanted to check them out and honestly I really liked Miami. But when you know, you know and I've known for a while now.

What factors led you to OU?
"Oh man, so many. I have the opportunity to play with some really great players and to be coached by some really great coaches. I know Coach Sumlin is kind of a laid back guy, which I like. He isn't one of those guys that's all, "kill, kill, kill" and in your face with that. So I like the fact that I'll play for a guy like that."

You're listed as a WR/TE, if you had to choose a position to play, which would it be?
"Wide receiver. I was a wide receiver in high school."

Describe yourself or your style of play.
"I'm like a T.O. with the hands but more like Antonio Gates. But I don't know, I really cant say but something like that."

I know the coaches gave you an idea of how you would be used in college, can you elaborate on that?
"They said. They're going to flank me out and try to use me as a true tight end. Move me around a lot, I guess kind of like Trent Smith."

Last thing, when are you going to get up to OU?
"This summer. I'm going up there to compete for that job. Coach Stoops has told me that I have a great opportunity and they want to get the ball in my hands and see what I can do and I plan to show them."

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