Venables, Wilson talk about the signees

See inside for player-by-player scouting reports on each of the Sooners' signess.

Below are quotes from Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson on the Sooners' offfensive signees.

Mossis Madu, RB, Norman, Okla.
Kevin Wilson says: He's a running back/athlete. He's a returner and has the skills to be a slot receiver. He probably even has the skill to be a secondary type player. He's a guy who came on with a phenomenal year and made a boatload of plays in every game just with his athleticism and change of direction. He's very, very good with the ball in his hand. He's got decent size in that 200 range, good speed. With the skills that he possesses, he has the chance to do multiple things. He also has a chance to play young because he's going to be valuable on special teams.

Chase Beeler, OL, Jenks, Okla.
Kevin Wilson says: A center/guard type guy who's played tackle. He's an intelligent guy that I could potentially see as a center. Can he be better there than (Chad) Roark and (Jon) Cooper and all those guys? I don't know. But I see his frame, and he's in that 6-3 range where he could be a center. He also could be a guard. He comes from a great program and is very, very mature. Physically, he's very, very strong. I think he's got the complete package with some toughness and size and athleticism and intelligence and maturity. He may give us some depth and or play as a freshman. He'll be in the mix to give us depth and potentially be an on-the-field player as a freshman.

DeMarco Murray, RB, Las Vegas, Nev.
Kevin Wilson says: Very skilled player. One of the most known names in the country. In some ways, he's like (Mossis) Madu in that he's not just a great running back. He's very skilled with the ball and has good pass-catching ability, a good returner. He's good at changing direction and making guys miss. A very well-rounded athlete. One of the best in the country. He has the ability to catch the ball, change direction, make people miss and accelerate. He's just an overall very high-level athlete. He has the skill level to do many things and play multiple spots. I would never say a guy is a Marshall Faulk or Reggie Bush, but he's a guy that looks like he can be a tailback and you can put him out at receiver and he wouldn't look out of water. You could also have him back there catching kicks.

Brandon Walker, OL, Detroit, Mich.
Kevin Wilson says: Brandon was injured his freshman year with his thumb, so he only played in games one year. He's got three years to play. He's a big 6-3. They say he weighs 320, but I bet you right now he's 340. Getting him in this summer and getting himself in shape will give him a great change to be very competitive. He's another guy that can play first year and potentially be a starter. Very strong, very physical, very good feet. He's a better athlete in person than I thought he was on tape. I don't want to compare him to other guys, but he's in that mold of a Davin Joseph. Big, burly, reasonably athletic. Not that he's Davin Jospeh, because he isn't, but he's a big, strong physical athletic guy that's got a chance to play.

Curtis Bailey, OL, Dallas, Texas
Kevin Wilson says: Curtis is not the same, but in some ways has similar characteristics of Duke Robinson. He's a tackle in that 6-5 to 6-6 range. He's in that 330-350 range based on how many Big Mac's he's eaten that day. He plays tackle, but he might be a guy who plays at guard because of the pass pro and the speed. He'll initially start at guard and move to tackle. Just because he's big, everybody thinks he's a tackle. But the speed out there and the pass rush is so fast. As a young guy, he might be a guard. It will be interesting once we get him here in the summer. He is very athletic, but the speed of those blitzers is so fast in college a lot of young guys struggle. He's physically big enough and strong enough to play as a freshman, but he might be a guard instead of a tackle. Time will tell.

Eric Mensik, TE, Rosenberg, Texas
Kevin Wilson says: Eric's a big guy that I think was a little bit under the radar screen. Coach (Kevin) Sumlin talked to him back in October one day when we went down there to see (Ian) Symonette. We got really fired up about him and his deep snapping ability. He's got a frame physically to be a be a blocking guy, very similar to where Brody Eldridge is going to be. He also has a body structure that might continue to grow into other things in time. He's a basketball guy and a pretty good athlete, but more of big-bodied, physical tight end that's a great snapper.

Joey Halzle, QB, Huntington Beach, Calif.
Kevin Wilson says: Good ball skills. From a really good program. He can make all the throws. It will be interesting to see next year if he can be the backup with (Sam) Bradford being redshirted. And maybe the following year, Bradford could be the backup and we redshirt him much like we did Paul (Thompson) a year ago. But I would say with him having a spring under his belt, he could be the backup. I didn't really watch a great deal of tape on those guys, but I know Coach Long and Coach Stoops are pretty impressed with him.

Chris Brown, RB, Alexandria, La.
Kevin Wilson says: He's not a huge, overly big back, but he's got some substance for being a small guy. Physcially, he's got a chance to be in that 200 range and still have some real good speed. We were pretty excited to get him. He's a true tailback with enough change of direction and shift and wiggle that can be good in space in some run/spread stuff.

Trent Williams, OL, Longview, Texas
Kevin Wilson says: Trent's pretty impressive. He's pretty athletic and has a lot of upside in that 6-5 range. He could be a guard, but at the same time he's plenty big and athletic enough to be a tackle. I think he was a little bit under the radar screen in some of the ratings and services because his play on tape is as impressive as any of the big guys we recruited. He'll be in the mix and could potentially play as a young guy.

Cory Brandon, OL, Corsicana, Texas
Kevin Wilson says: Cory, potentially, might be the top guy down the road. He's one of the best, if not the best looking big guy recruit we've had in because he's so athletic looking. He's pushing 6-6, 270 right now. He's very athletic. He still needs to gain weight, strength and mass to be a complete player. He has the bone structure and size to be a very athletic 290-310 pound guy. I don't know if he's going to be a first-year guy just on strength and size, but the potential, athletically, he may be the best line guy we recruited. He might be the best of all of them.

Adron Tennell, WR, Irving, Texas
Kevin Wilson says: Looked really good when I saw him in the Army All-American practices. He's very athletic and I understand his basketball skills are off the charts. A big frame guy, but maybe strength-wise might struggle early. He's been described, athletically, to potentially be better than all three of those rookies who played last year right now. He's a guy that realistically can maybe play and be an impact player.

Brandon Caleb, WR, Fork Union, Va.
Kevin Wilson says: He's very athletic. He's a basketball and triple-jump guy. The other day in a track meet he won all four of the events he was in. A big, strong guy too. When I say big, he's kind of a Juaquin Iglesias — 6-1, 195 pound. Great ball skills, great speed. Both those young guys will press those guys, and as good as these young guys are don't be surprised if those guys potentially play as freshman. With the right kind of summer, they will compete physically and not be outclassed physically as freshmen. I think they'll be in the mix to play.

Chad Roark, OL, Ada, Okla.
Kevin Wilson says: Chad, coming in at spring, is going to get a jumpstart on things. I was very impressed with him and liked him on tape a lot. We got excited going down and watching him participate in the All-American practices. He handled himself and competed at a high level and definitely held his own against some of the premiere player in the country in some one-on-one drills. He just really played in a positive way. I was even more excited watching him down there because I think he's got a little stuff about him — some of those un-physical things that make you pretty competitive and pretty good. I think he's got some things about him that give him a chance, and being here in the spring maybe he'll get in the mix to play some. I was pleasantly pleased with his performance down there. And not that I was down on him, but he looked as good as any of those guys.

Sherrone Moore, OL, El Dorado, Kan.
Kevin Wilson says: Very athletic, good pass blocker and reach blocker for a junior college player, but probably still lacks maybe some strength to be a dominating run block guy. I think he's a good reach blocker outside off the backside and the outside zone play. But again, he needs to have a good spring in our system and also work at a high level in our weight room. He's a defensive end player in high school that's moved over to offense and is one of the better lineman coming out of the Jayhawk conference. He's very smart, quality kid. But we need to get him some strength improvement here this summer for him to play at a high level for us.

Sam Bradford, QB, Putnam City, Okla.
Kevin Wilson says: Very big frame-wise. A big guy that probably needs to gain some strength to be a great college player. He's a very athletic, tremendous basketball player. Great ball skills. Great thrower. His dad played here. Coach (Kelvin) Sampson said a year ago that he was one of the guys who realistically had enough skills to participate in both football and basketball. Chuck (Long) jumped on him early and loved him in practice this spring. Most teams will think he is a drop-back guy like Tommy Grady, but I don't know if he's that kind of guy. I think he's going to be a little more athletic than people give him credit for. I think people see his height and think he's just a big, tall drop-back quarterback. But when you look a his basketball skills and athleticism, I think he's got a lot of upside to be pretty good.

Jermaine Gresham, TE, Ardmore, Okla.
Kevin Wilson says: I think he has a great chance to play as a freshman because half the time he'll almost be playing as a big-bodied receiver. His plays and athleticism on the tape that I saw were outstanding — to be that large, that big and have the skill level that he had. He's not a bad receiver at the size he is, but potentially a year or two down the road he's going to more of a true tight end because he's going to maybe 260 or 270. Right now he's probably in the mid-240 range. He is a very polished player and because of his ability to play in space, he can potentially give you some unique matchups. He can go on the field as a tight end or a legitimate receiver. That excites us a whole lot. As good a tight end as he might be, he's not a true tight end. He's also not a true receiver either. He's kind of in between, and that's what Trent Smith was. This guy's got a chance to be like Trent Smith in maybe a year or two and be a guy where we say we need to get this guy X throws a game.

Below are quotes from OU defensive coordinator Brent Venables and Jackie Shipp on the Sooners' defensive signees.

Pryce Macon, DE, Corpus Christi, Texas
Brent Venables says: We like his athletic ability, great first step. Very strong physically and a mature kid with a great motor.

Tim Johnson, DE, NEO
Brent Venables says: He hasn't played much football yet. Our coaches are extremely excited about his upside and potential. He's long, athletic. Again, he has a great first step, natural pass-rushing ability and brings a physical nature to him that is only going to continue to improve.

Jonathan Nelson, CB, Alrington, Texas
Brent Venables says: Very athletic, extremely fast. His top-end speed is very good. He fills an immediate need. As good of a player as he is, he's even a better young man.

Brandon Crow, LB, Comanche, Okla.
Brent Venables says: Very instinctive linebacker who makes a ton of plays. Love his awe shucks demeanor. An explosive tackler who under Schmitty's tutelage will only get stronger and more explosive. We're excited about his upside. He just has a great, natural feel for the game.

Dominique Franks, CB, Tulsa, Okla.
Brent Venables says: The thing that you notice about Dominique is every game he plays he's made huge plays — game-turning and changing type plays. Not many players have the ability to do so and Dominique has done it at a top-flight school. Athletically, he fills a tremendous need a the cornerback position and will have an opportunity to contribute.

Jeremy Beal, LB/DE Carrollton, Texas
Brent Venables says: Like Crow, he's a very instinctive player who makes a ton of plays, and he has done it at a variety of positions. He's one of the more explosive linebackers that we have signed here in the last few years. Tremendous burst to the football and closing speed and has the great natural punch that all great middle linebackers have. He has a very high football I.Q. and plays the game how it is supposed to be played.

Quinton Carter, DB, Las Vegas, Nev.
Brent Venables says: Big, tall, rangy, athletic. He has a great feel for the game from the secondary standpoint. He runs the alley extremely well and has great top-end speed. I really believe that his best football is ahead of him with year-round training. He has already impressed in a very short amount of time since he's been on campus.

Daniel Tabon, LB, Altus, Okla.
Brent Venables says: In an age where there's not many guys that slip under the radar, Daniel Tabon epitomizes that phrase of those types of players. He's one of the most explosive and naturally-gifted athletes that we've recruited here. He has the flexibility to play so many positions and was extremely successful doing a number of things — catching the ball, returning punts, returning kicks, playing safety, playing defensive end, playing running back. Very physical, explosive and has a great toughness about him and good nose for the football. Being at three different high schools, he's never really settled in and gone through an out-of-season of weight training and agility work. I really think the sky's the limit for Daniel. He's also an extremely bright kid in the classroom, which will hopefully expedite his transition.

Chris Patterson, LB, NEO
Brent Venables says: He's had a tremendous year in his only year to have played at NEO after a redshirt year. The Northeastern Oklahoma coaches say he's the best linebacker to have ever come through there. Tremendous natural raw talent that still has the potential to improve. He was probably the most gifted athlete that we had in camp a couple of years ago, and based on his performance this year he's living up to his billing.

Malcolm Williams, CB, Grand Prairie, Texas
Brent Venables says: Great all-around football player — running back, returns, safety and corner. He has a tremendous football I.Q. Great cover skills. Tremendous leaping ability — has a 42-inch school-record vertical at South Grand Prairie. Triple-jumps close to 50 feet. He's one of the top five triple-jumpers in the country. He helps fill an immediate need as well at the corner position. He'll have an opportunity to contribute right away.

Adrian Taylor, DT, Mansfield, Texas
Brent Venables says: Very athletic and can do so many things — d-end, d-line. He's a tremendous baskeball player and great all-around athlete. I really look for Adrian to improve dramatically once he's on campus, and he's already pretty dang good. Great burst to the ball and is want you want in athletic big guys.

Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Jackie Shipp says: Gerald has a chance to be a very special player athlete at the University of Oklahoma. He has the type of ability to take the Oklahoma defense to another level.

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