Q&A with Sherri Coale

Sherri Coale talks about OU's win over Baylor, the crowd and Wednesday's matchup against Texas.

Oklahoma head coach Sherri Coale talked with Bob Barry Jr. and James Hale this morning on the Sports Animal about OU's win over Baylor and Wednesday's matchup against Texas. Tip-off between the Sooners (21-4, 11-0) and Longhorns (6-5, 12-10) set for 7 p.m. in Austin.

On the record crowd against Baylor

Coale: The crowd was incredible. Our players were so excited and so appreciative of that effort — both of our marketing department for promoting the 'white out' and obviously the sponsors for providing the t-shirts, and for the people for showing up and wearing them and being absolutely almost maniacal for 40 minutes.

There were several times when we couldn't even hear the whistle that signaled stoppage in play. The players didn't know if a foul had been called, if a timeout had been called. It was just absolutely crazy and an amazing environment to be a part of.

We sold out for Tennessee a few years back and opening round games of the NCAA Tournament, but I don't think there's ever been the kind of juice in the place that there was Sunday afternoon.

On getting that type of crowd and atmosphere for a regular season Big 12 game

Coale: Instead of it being a milestone type of event for program building, it was a game in the middle of the season that people wanted to be a part of. And that does make it feel different, and that in itself made it a milestone game for women's basketball.

I've heard from constituencies across the country, whether it be people at ESPN or the WBCA or the NCAA, talking about that atmosphere or the way it came across on television. So, it will have some national significance along with just being an incredible place to be while you're cheering for the University of Oklahoma.

I think ESPN was lamenting the fact that we were on Fox a little bit on Sunday.

On atmosphere and exposure of the game gives the program and recruiting

Coale: It's positive all the way around. We were fortunate that we had three of our guys who signed early in here at the game, and they were wide-eyed and fired up.

We just told them to get used to it. That might be the way it is their whole career. You never know.

On the game itself and the battle between Courtney Paris and Sophia Young

Coale: It did not work out the way we would've drawn it out to, but we found a way anyway.

We were watching film yesterday and if Erin Higgins makes a couple of three's that thing can run out of control quickly. But for whatever reason we couldn't seem to find the mark from behind the 3-point line and we were abysmal free throw line and turned it over all night long, yet we out-rebounded them and we had more assists.

I thought we had a great deal of poise down the stretch in regulation, particulary in overtime. And what a great job by our bench. Really, we made our runs, got back in the game and stabilized everything with four starters on the bench.

Krista Sanchez was just phenomenal. We could probably spend the rest of our time talking about her and her poise and the way she attacked offensively. She made two of the prettiest passes anybody's made all year long, and not to mention going to the rim herself. Just huge minutes.

Britney Brown took over the game for a little bit at the point position. And then everybody knowing when you gotta have a basket you find that No. 3 at the block and she'll deliver for you.

On what she expects from Texas in Wednesday nights matchup

Coale: A sense of urgency from the Longhorns. They're fighting for a berth in the NCAA Tournament and they need maquee wins, and we're the one's coming town on Wednesday. We expect a tough game.

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