Catching up with Scottie Reynolds

Oklahoma signee Scottie Reynolds talks about his senior season, making the McDonald's All-American team, what other top prospect he's trying to lure to Norman and his future at Oklahoma.

Oklahoma recruit Scottie Reynolds, averaging 27.8 per game, heads into Friday night's Virginia AAA North Region semi-finals as the number three career scorer in that state's highest classification.

The 6-0 guard is just 33 points shy of passing current Duke All-American J.J. Redick for second place on the list. Coming off a 33-point performance in the regional opener, Reynolds is now 165 points away from first place and has a shot at the overall record if his 4th-ranked Herndon team (22-4) can reach the state championship game.

I had a chance to visit with the McDonalds All-American and Roundball Classic participant today to get an update on his season and his excitement about coming to Oklahoma next year.

TS - Tell me a little bit about your season. Your team has been traveling all over the country and it looks like it's been a very successful year.

SR - USA Today said we have the toughest schedule in the country. We played four or five of the top 10 teams in the country early in the season and that's helped us through the rest of the season.

TS– Do you think that's made your squad tougher as you head into your state playoffs?

SR – Oh yes, definitely. The type of teams we played, their conditioning, they can bring any type of talent off the bench. For us to compete with them, it makes us feel good about ourselves and that we can compete with anybody.

Our team this year is very talented. Last year I had to score the ball a lot. I had to average 34 a game. This year, I'm averaging around 28, which people will look atand say, ‘well, you went down a little bit'. But it's because of the talent around me that's so good. And I can come out in the fourth quarter and let everybody else play. Our team just has a good chemistry this year and I'm just excited about these last couple of weeks. I think we're going to do something special.

TS - Who has been your toughest opponent this year, both in individual matchups and team-wise?

SR - We had a good battle with DeMatha (Washington D.C.). We went into overtime and I think lost by six or something like that. It's a big rivalry for us because we're in the same area. It's kind of like private vs. public, you know. As far as our district, it's probably Westville. We beat them three times to get the championship in our district.

TS – Making the McDonald's All-American game had to be a big thrill for you. It had to be validation for you that you should have been more highly rated in the recruiting rankings than you were.

SR – I've been under the radar, I believe, as far as nationally and people knowing me. 'm a hard worker and I think that's paid off a lot. McDonald's has been one of my goals since I was a freshman – really as a little kid watching it on ESPN all the time. Now that it's a reality and I've made that goal, next is going to Oklahoma and I've got high goals for myself there and hopefully will achieve them.

TS - You're going to team up with another Oklahoma recruit, Damion James, in the Roundball Classic. Did it surprise you that he wasn't selected to the McDonald's team as well?

SR - Yeah. Damion is a wonderful talent and he's a good friend of mine. I think this is only going to motivate Damion. I was shocked myself but I'll see him at the Chicago game and that's just going to help me push him even more.

TS – And somehow, being from Virginia, you wound up on the West squad in that game, so you'll be able to play with him.

SR - It's kind of crazy how they do that. I'm not sure how that works, but it's cool that we get to play on the same team one more time. We played at the ABCD camp together and we're just going to have a fun time, go out there and represent our high schools and ourselves and OU.

TS – You've become good friends with Damion and you've talked with Keith Clark, who's also coming to OU. Are you still in contact with Darrell Arthur and are you trying to talk "Slim Shady" into coming to Oklahoma to make it a foursome?

SR- It's funny you say that. I talk to Darrell probably about two to three times a week. He's one of my good friends. Yeah, we stay in contact all the time, me and Shady. I'm trying to talk to him and things like that, we have a good relationship. But at the end of the day, it's his decision and whatever decision that is, I'm going to be behind him 100 percent.

I would like for him to put on an Oklahoma jersey, you know me and him and Damion, Keith and Tony (Crocker) and Jeremy (Mayfield), all go out there and have a good time. I talk to him all the time and hopefully, when he takes his visit, I'm gonna be out there, so we'll have a pretty good time.

TS- Has he scheduled a visit?

SR - Oh, I don't know. I'm just saying if he does, I'm definitely going to be out there. I'm behind Darrell 100 percent. If he wants me to come out there, I'm definitely going to come out there anytime. I talk to him a lot, so we keep in contact on everything.

I think me and Damion going to the Roundball and him being at the Roundball as well, that's going to help out. And me seeing him at the McDonald's, that's going to help out a lot, because we'll greet each other and communicate with each other and just hang out, you understand. That's how it started out, me and him communicating, so hopefully, that's going to help out a lot.

TS – But first, you've got to finish out your high school season. And you're closing in on J.J. Redick's career total. How does that feel?

SR – To be mentioned with him in the same discussion, that's kind of crazy, as good of a player as J.J. is. Because we both played on the same AAU team. I came up right after him.

TS - Do you think after you get that state championship wrapped up, you can get a special waiver from the NCAA and come in to help Oklahoma at the point guard spot down the stretch? SR - (laughs) I would love to do that, but unfortunately I can't. They've got Kansas State and Oklahoma State coming up and those are going to be some hard games. Hopefully, they can pull off those games and have a big showdown at Texas. TS – Do you get to see all of the OU games? Have you got the ESPN Game Plan or anything where you can hook that up? SR – I don't see every one, but the ones that come on CBS or such I see. Everybody is always watching around here telling me everything that's going on. Also, one of my friends that goes to school with me is going to Oklahoma, too, and he's like a crazy Oklahoma fan, so he has a password or something where he can watch it online and I check that out. He keeps me up to date. He knows every fact about everything OU.

TS - Thanks for your time. Good luck in the playoffs and in the all-star games, too.

SR – Alright, thanks very much.

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