OU-OSU Postgame Quotes

Kelvin Sampson, Taj Gray and Terrell Everett discuss OU's 67-66 win.

Below are excerpts from Monday's Bedlam postgame press conference with Kelvin Sampson, Taj Gray and Terrell Everett.

Coach, what did you see on that last play. You were standing right there. What did you see?

Kelvin Sampson: "I saw Jim Burr make a call. Then I saw Terrell make those free throws. What did you see? (laughs)

"Hey, a lot of whistles in that game. There's a lot of whistles in that game that could've went either way. But you know what? If their kids make their free throws, they probably win.

"I can't remember the score, but it just seems like their was something working against us that we just couldn't get over the hump tonight. We missed free throws, we missed opportunities. We had the charge call over on the sideline that if it goes the other way, maybe we score.

"It was a crazy game. I don't know how else to explain it. Sean (Sutton) did a great job getting his kids ready to play. They played their butts off."

"I thought a big play in the game was when Terrell made the pass inside and the kid kicked it and it was a no-call, but then on the same play Terrell goes down and they call his fourth foul. It was one of those nights with a lot of things going like that.

"We just had to roll the dice and put Terrell back in there. And as long as they had Dove on the floor, we were going to keep him on Dove but not switch. I thought that was key.

"Give our kids credit for making the plays to win the game, but also give Oklahoma State's kids credit too. I thought their kids played their hearts out. I watched O-State beat Texas, and I said Sean's done a great job with that group. He really has. He's done a great job with that group.

"Give our kids credit. It seems like we had adversity at every turn, but we just found a way. We just kept hanging in there and hanging in there and found a way to win."

Terrell, what did you see on that last play?

Terrell Everett: "I was just trying to get passed him. He jumped in front of me and the ref made the call."

Were you worried that there was going to be no call?

Sampson: "Was I worried? There was a delay and he blew the whistle. That call could've went either way. Sometimes you just got to have a break. You know?

"But the breaks were...JamesOn (Curry) missed a one-and-one. That was a break. JamesOn's a great free throw shooter. But then Jamaal (Brown) missed the second end of that one.

"To win a game like that you've got to have some things go our way, but when we had our opportunity to win it Terrell made his free throws, and that was the key. We made the free throws."

"If he makes that same call and Terrell goes to the line and misses both free throws, we lose even with the call. The call was important, but the free throws were more important."

Have you ever been in a game-winning situation when you've got to have free throws?

Everett: "That's my first time."


Everett: "Yep."

How confident were you?

Everett: "I was nervous, but it's free throws (laughs)."

It looked like your defensive intensity got you back in the game when you forced some turnovers?

Sampson: "Terrell got his fourth foul, Boggan got his fourth foul, and that was tough for both teams. I thought Nate Carter did a nice job on JamesOn. We decided not to switch off of him and we let Nate play him.

"Hey, Oklahoma State has talented kids. They're quick. When they get out in the passing lanes, like they did today, they got a lot of offense off of errant passes.

"How about the play where Kevin gets the dunk at the end of the game, and we teach our kids to tip it back (after missed foul shots) out and we always put the guards at the top of the key. Nate tips it down to Jamaal (Brown). That was a perfect pass for a layup. It just seemed like it was one of those nights where plays like that were happening all night long.

"Hey, that's why they call it Bedlam. Either team could've won that game. We feel fortunate to win it."

Kevin, can you talk about your run-out dunk near the end of the game?

Kevin Bookout: "I'm not for sure what happened. They might've got a guy mixed up. I think they were watching the ball and I just took off to get out of there and I look up and there was no one in front of me.

"I thought Mike Neal made a great pass in motion where I didn't have to dribble and I could just go straight up with it."

You were up seven when Boggan fouled out. That's when you guys seemed to make a run. Did you sense something from their team like maybe a letdown, or did you guys gain more confidence?

Taj Gray: "I think we kinda got a little bit more confidence. Boggan was one of their best players. He's a tough load down there. Once he gets it, there's not much you can do.

"When he went out of the game, I think we were like, OK, now we can go in to the post a lot more, attack the middle a lot more and get Mike Neal some open shots."

Did the last three games help you feel like you had enough time to come back again?

Sampson: I don't know if we were thinking about the last three games. We shot 60 percent the second half. We felt like we were going to score, the key was were we going to get a stop?

"We felt like we were going to score, but the key was the defensive end. When we were in the huddle we just concentrated on getting stops, and that was the key. We were 12-for-20 the second half.

"It was just a tough game. Both teams deserved to win the game. It's just unfortunate one of them didn't. Those Oklahoma State kids played their hearts out."

For all the seniors, how does it feel to win that last game at home?

Bookout: "It feels good to get a win here for my last time. I've been here for four years and I've been watching OU basketball forever.

"I remember when Eduardo (Najera) was a senior against Missouri. I remember his speech and watching him play. I've been coming up here forever, and for us to get this win my last year here, it feels good."

Gray: "I really can't explain it. Getting a win like that is already crazy. I think the last two years, with Kevin and Terrell, we've just been like a big family and they've been like brothers to me.

"If I'm ever down they've always been there to pick me up. It's going to be hard to finish the season off and not be able to see these guys like I have every day these last two years.

"It's been great. I've enjoyed playing with them on the court every day at practice. So, I'm going to miss them."

Everett: "It's just a special moment, just to be out there trying to fight as much as we can. And we got the win — just hugging everybody and feeling good about each other."

On if he knew immediately that the referee was going to call a foul on the play with 0.6 seconds left?

Sampson: I don't know...I don't know. I would say something, but I would get in trouble. I had no idea what he was going to call.

"He was going to call a foul or he was going to call out of bounds. He had to call something. Both kids were on the ground and the ball was out of bounds, so he had to call a foul or it was going to be Oklahoma State's ball. It was one of those two things.

"There was a lot of...I can't say nothing."

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