Hoops Recruiting: Top junior taking his time

Oklahoma Chistian forward Blake Griffin talks about his offers and interest in Oklahoma.


JH: I know you guys are still playing, so how is your season going?

BG: "We are in the Area Regional this Friday, and once we win there we will be at the state tournament next Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We are 22-1. We lost lost to Southeast in the second game of the season. We had them by 17 points at the half and just came out the second half and played terrible. They ended up beating us, but they shouldn't have been in the game with us."

JH: How is your season going?

BG: "I am averaging 21 points, 13 rebounds and five assists per game. I am happy with my game, but I just need to keep working. I am playing pretty well in most areas, but I think I need to just keep working on my shot so that people won't play off me. I shoot the ball pretty well, but I want to be a lot better at it and I want to be able to step out and hit the three consistently. I have taken four three-pointers this year and have made one of them. I really don't get out there much. The rest of my jump shots are 15-footers. Most of my points come in the paint, and what I don't get in the paint are jumpers from 15-feet."

JH: So you feel you will play inside in college?

BG: "I definitely think my first couple of years in college I will stay in the post and be maybe a three/four type player. I think I will be able to score in the paint, but I will also be able to hit jump shots as well. Then, by the time I am a junior and senior, I hope that I can play out on the wing some. Like I said earlier, I take some three-pointers when that shot is available for me."

JH: Did you go to the OU/OSU game on Monday?

BG: "I didn't get to go because I had to stay home and take care of some homework. I watched the game and it was a fun game to watch. I thought it was an intense game, especially there at the end."

JH: What games have to been to this year?

BG: "The last OU game that I have been to was the OU/Iowa State game in Norman. I was in Stillwater when OU/OSU played up there. I was also at Kansas when they played OU."

JH: What is going on in recruiting with you at the moment?

BG: "I kind of just want to keep everything open, because I am not ready to make a decision anytime soon. I still have offers from Illinois, OU, OSU, Kansas and Baylor, but I want to go through the summer and the AAU summer and see what happens. I just want to keep things open and take it from there."

JH: What are your thoughts on OU at this time?

BG: "I like Oklahoma and think they are a great program. They have won some big games this year and they always have a great program. I know the guys pretty well and, in fact, know them real well. I have been down there quite a bit and the players are fun to be around. I like the coaches and the administration down there. I like Oklahoma, I am just not ready to make my decision yet."

JH: How do you feel your brother Taylor Griffin (OU) is playing right now?

BG: "I think he is playing pretty well, but probably played better early. He was more aggressive earlier in the season, but it is coming back for him. He hurt his back and that slowed him down a little bit, but he is coming back around and I think he is going to finish strong."

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