Future Sooners impress at state tourney

James Hale gives his in-depth scouting report on Jenna Plumley (pictured) and Rose Hammond.

I had a great time at the Big House today watching some Class A Women's State High School Basketball. I had a great time meeting fans from both Frontier and Depew, where of course future Sooners Jenna Plumley and Rose Hammond play respectively.

I had a chance to watch both of their games, and both Frontier and Depew won. Frontier had a little more trouble with Cashion winning 60-52, while Depew beat a galliant Garber team easily 75-58.

[b]Plumley[/b] had 24 points in the Frontier win, and I had to leave before I was able to get the final totals on Hammond. But she had to have at least that many if not more.

Plumley is one of the most recognized Oklahoma prep basketball players that I have seen. She is loved like no other at Frontier, but every opponent and fan of basketball knows about her. And many in attendance today where there just to see her play. She is easily the most recognized player in the tournament and certainly one of the best all-around players.

While Plumley has had tremendous success at Frontier and AAU ball, there is still a curiousity about her. I don't know how many times I was asked if I thought she could play at OU or what I thought about her? Everybody seems to have an opinion on whether she can succeed at a higher level.

My thoughts are that it does take you back how small she is. She is definitely no taller than 5-3. You just don't see players this small dominate like she does, so it takes you back a little bit. The second thing that blows you away is how confident and cocky Plumley is. This girl believes she is the best player on the floor and she knows that she has proven that more often than not. She is the ultimate winner and that has been proven on the prep level and the AAU level.

Because she is so low to the groud her ballhandling is tremendous. She can really handle the ball and do all the tricks. She is a very good passer and my thought watching her today was that when she gets to OU she will average about five more assists per game, because the skill level of her teammates will improve. Not that Frontier doesn't have good players because they do, but common sense tells you that with a girl who passes this well will find more assists for a top ten collegiate team.

She almost shoots a set shot and it looks a little strange, but it goes in for the most part and she is able to get it off. She has been able to get it off at all levels so far, so I don't see any reason why that would change at OU. Defensively, she is a nat on the court and floats around quite a bit trying to get into passing lanes and going for steals. She could have some problems defensively at the next level, but that has always been a question about her and I guess will just have to see how it goes.

The first thing that you notice when watching Hammond is that she is a great athlete. She is so athletic that when she plays it is with such grace that it looks like she is not trying. She is silky smooth and it looks like she is dominating the game with very little effort.

When you watch her you catch your self asking yourself if she is trying? Early in the game, she worked very hard to get her teammates into the game and did a great job. She would pass up her own shot to get a teammate open. However, when Depew made their big run to open up the game it was Hammond who took over.

She was tremendous driving to the hoop and she loves to use the glass for her shot. She was much more of a slasher and scorer than a shooter today. In fact, her jump shot wasn't much. But her ability to drive to the hoop and play around the basket was tremendous. I have been told she has a good jumper so when she has that going she has to be really something.

Rose needs to get into the weight room, but she has enough natural God given ability to help OU next year. She is at least 5-9 and will probably grow another inch at OU, and her speed and athletic ability predicts to some great play at OU.

This was my only time to see them all year, but the OU coaches have been bragging about both players ever since they signed. They are considered the top two players in Oklahoma and the Sooners are very proud to have signed both.

OU has big plans for both in the future. I feel that Hammond's future may be sooner than Plumley's mainly because of need, but I feel both can play. I think both players are going to be super additions to Coach Coale's team.

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