Offseason Football Notebook

See inside for news and notes from OU's offseason conditioning workouts.

I know people have been asking for information from the Sooners offseason workouts, but it is always information that is hard to come by. However, I told you I would keep digging and I came up some information I would pass it along.

OU strength and conditioning coach Jerry Schmidt is very happy with workouts thus far. He says that Adrian Peterson is a true leader in the weight room and that his work ethic is off the charts. Smitty says that AD may be the best athlete he has ever worked out with in offseason. AD currently weighs 221 pounds and Coach Schmidt wants to get him up to 225, because he will be down to 220 by the time the season starts.

Coach Schmidt also bragged on quarterback Rhett Bomar saying that he is at the top of the charts in all quarterback catetories and that he has the same work ethic as AD. Bomar weighs around 214 he said.

The two best offensive linemen that he singled out were Branndon Braxton and Ben Barresi. Braxton's weight is around 320 right now and coming down all the time. They would like to get him down to 310, but he can throw up some serious weight. I didn't get a number, but I will try to in the next couple of days. I had a chance to eye ball Barresi and he has made major strides. Smitty said he has a great work ethic and is doing everything asked of him.

Coach Schmidt praised just about everybody on defense. Rufus Alexander is certainly a leader in the offseason program on defense and he has bulked up to 230 pounds. Smitty says he looks great and is doing fantastic in the weight room. Larry Birdine is also having a great camp, but I couldn't get any specifics.

It has always been difficult for Joe Jon Finley to gain weight, but he has been working hard and has his weight up to 241, which is the most it has ever been. Coach Schmidt predicts that he will play at 245 to 247, which he says is plenty big for Finley and his athletic ability.

In the secondary, Reggie Smith and D.J. Wolfe are leading the way. He said that Smith and Wolfe posted times around 4.48 to 4.5 and says that both has made major strides in their strength gains.

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