RECRUITING: Kansas' best has five six favorites

Conway Springs, Kansas TE/DE prospect Josh Barbo talks about his favorites and style of play


Barbo is one of the most physical players in the Big 12 area and without question, he is the very best player in Kansas. A tremendous athlete, Barbo plays both tight end and defensive end and has also played linebacker and blocking back during his career.

A three-year starter, Barbo played blocking back and linebacker as a sophomore and repeated the positions last season. It's this year that he will break out and play tight end and defensive end.

"I like them most, because that is where I have always wanted to play," said Barbo of playing tight end and defensive end. "I really like tight end, because I still get the thrill of blocking, yet I will get a chance to catch the ball, which is something that I like to do."

Barbo can bench 380 pounds, safe squats 730 and he posted a 27 1/2 inch vertical jump. Barbo starts in hoops (9 ppg and 8 rbpg and three blocks per game) and he throws the discus (160'11), shot put (51'11 3.4) and the javelin (174'4). Those throws were good enough for second place in his district.

Barbo attended the KU, KSU and Missouri camps before his sophomore and junior year. This summer Barbo participated in the NIKE camp in Boulder, Colorado, and then attended the KU, Missouri, KSU, OSU camps, and he just returned from the Sooners second three-day summer camp. He still plans to see Wyoming and Colorado State as well.

"I am really trying to see as many of the schools as I can and still showcase what I have to offer," said Barbo. "I am trying to show-off a little I guess and show as many coaches as I can what I can bring to their university."

Barbo has narrowed his choices down to Missouri, Colorado State, Oklahoma State, Michigan State, Kansas State and Oklahoma.

"I have been offered by Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State, Colorado State, Wyoming, Tulsa, Oklahoma State and UCONN," said Barbo. "I don't have a favorite at this particular time. OU is a progressively good team and they know exactly what they are doing. I have watched how they use their tight ends and I like how they get him the ball and how he is very involved in their offense. He scores a lot of touchdowns for them. I don't mind leaving home." Josh has already qualified.

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