WBB: Top Texas junior knows Paris twins

Katy, Texas junior guard Stephanie Gilbreath talks about her game, interest in OU and early leaders.

Stephanie Gilbreath, G, (6'0), KATY (CINCO RANCH HS), TEXAS:

Stephanie Gilbreath is already regarded as one of the top women's basketball players in Texas, so it goes without saying that in 2007 when she is a senior she will be ranked as the best shooting guard in Texas. Stephanie teams with her younger sister (by one year) Briana (6'1) to form one of the best guard combos in Texas.

"It is fun because we always depend on each other and we have always had so much success playing," said Stephanie." "We always know where each other is on the court and we never want to let each other down. I bring the ball up and handle the ball for our team and Briana plays shooting guard. Actually, Briana and I switch off at point and shooting guard."

Stephanie is averaging 22.5 as a junior averaging 14 points her sophomore year to go with four rebounds and four assists per game. Briana averages 14 points, four rebounds and four assisst per game as a sophomore.

"I am the player that goes into the game and just wants to get the job done," said Stephanie. "Briana is the type of player that goes into the game and shows off a little bit with some exciting plays, and she is good enough to get it done. I could do that, but I prefer just to go in and play a solid game and get the job done. I think I am a shooter, but I have my inside game and I can post people up. I can do it all really. She is basically the same. We try to put everything in our game so that we can try anything during the game and have success at it."

The Gilbreath sisters, wh o have too many offers to count, will go to school as a packaged deal. And believe me that is OK with all the potential colleges, because both are that good.

"We are going to the same college. We are going as a packaged deal," said Gilbreath. "Nobody has any problems with that because my sister is a great player. We have about 15 schools that we like, but we are not sure what we are going to do yet. We are looking at Oklahoma, Stanford, Texas A&M, LSU and Georgia and there are several other schools as well."

What are the Gilbreath sister's thoughts on Oklahoma?

"I love their game and I love Courtney and Ashley Paris," said Stephanie. "I had a chance to play on their traveling team this summer on the West Coast. We flew out there when they had a tournament that they were going to play in, and then we would travel to wherever they were going to play. My sister would play on the younger team — the West Coast All-Stars.

"I did pretty well, because I got a chance to play with the top post players in the country. We also had Abi Olajuwon on our team, so all I had to do was shoot. And if I missed they got the rebound. I went up to OU for a camp this past summer and I really like Coach (Sherri) Coale. I also like the atmosphere at OU.

"I wouldn't say that we have a leader right now because we are still narrowing down our choices from the 15, but Oklahoma is up there that is for sure."

What are some of the things that the sisters are going to look at in recruiting?

"Mainly it is going to come down to a college that makes both of us happy," said S. Gilbreath. "If I like a college, but my sister doesn't then I am not going there. If she likes a college, but I don't then she isn't going there. We are going to find a school that we both like and where we can both be happy. We also would like a team that runs up and down the court, but whow also has some half court sets in their offense."

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