Recruiting: Top Texas RB has a top five

Pflugerville, Texas RB Joseph Reese talks about his running style, top five and interest in OU.

Joseph Reese, RB, 6'2, 187, 4.4, Pflugerville (Hendrickson HS), Texas:

In 2006 wide receiver Terrell Reese was a player that was heavily recruited and regarded as one of the better players in Texas. Terrell eventually signed with Mike Stoops at Arizona as part of a top 15 recruiting class for the Wildcats.

However, all along we knew that we would be coming back to the Reese household to talk about his little brother Joseph, who goes into the season as the No. 1 running back in the state of Texas and possibly even a better prospect than older brother Terrell.

As a junior, Reese rushed for 967 yards on 73 carries in just five games thanks to a dislocated shoulder. He also scored 12 touchdowns and he returned one kick-off return for a touchdown of 101 yards. However, during those five games Reese showed enough to grab the attention of recruiters from coast-to-coast.

"I appreciate that kind of attention. It feels good, but on the other hand I have to realize that it is just talk and I need to keep working to improve," said Reese. "It is an honor to be talked about so highly, but I know that I have to continue to work on my game and continue to get better, or all the preseason talk won't matter."

Reese can bench 225 pounds and he squats 325. He has posted a 10.5 and 10.4 100-meter time in track and he finished fifth in the state 100-meter as a sophomore with the 10.5. He has attended the Texas and Texas A&M Junior Days, and he will be at the Scout combine in Waco this upcoming this weekend.

Reese is also an outstanding basketball player averaging 20 points per game for a select team this past summer. Reese says he liked basketball more than football when he was young, but that changed when he started playing Pop Warner Football.

"I loved basketball when I was young, but my dad enrolled me in Pop Warner Football and the first time I touched the ball I ran it 80-yards for a touchdown," said Reese. "From that point on, I was hooked on football. But I have continued to play basketball and still like to play basketball."

What style of running back is Reese?

"I think I am a speed runner," said Reese. "I can line up and run over people between the tackles, but I would rather hit the seam to take the ball outside and run away from defenses."

It is early in the recruiting game, but Reese has already been offered by OU, Texas, Texas A&M, Clemson, LSU, Nebraska and Arizona thus far.

"It is a lot to deal with. You get a lot of phone calls from people that you don't know and have never heard of before," said Reese. "It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go through and I am enjoying the process. I have people ask me every day where I am going to go to school and I have no idea right now."

However, Reese does have a Fab Five.

"I am interested in OU, Texas, Texas A&M, Arizona and USC," said Reese. "I really don't have a favorite and I am sure I am going to change my mind 100 times. I am not sure when I am going to announce my decision, but I might wait until the Army All-American game. I don't know if I want to wait that long because I want to make sure the college that I want to go to has a scholarship for me."

What does he think about Oklahoma?

"I really like Oklahoma and my dad loves Oklahoma," said Reese. "I had a cousin (Derrick Strait) who went to Oklahoma and had a great career. They have a great running back there in Adrian Peterson and I like to watch him run. You asked me who I compare myself to, it would be him. I think I could go to Oklahoma and run like him."

You brother went through the recruiting process last year and eventually signed with Arizona. Will his decision influence your decision in any way?

"It is not going to affect me, but my brother talks to me a lot about coming to Arizona and play on the same team with him," said Reese. "I think they are more of a passing team than running team. All they seem to talk about is passing the football. They really don't showcase their running game right now. I don't know if I want to go to Arizona, but it gives me something to think about.

"I think I am going to go through recruiting differently than my brother because he knew from the beginning that he wanted to go out of state to go to school. I am not sure I want to do that. I might want to stay close to home, but I don't know right now. That might change in the future. I am pretty open right now."

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