RECRUITING: LA linebacker loves to take control

Los Angeles linebacker Lance Broadus is one of the best in the country. Is OU in the picture?


Talk about a BAD MAN... Mr. Broadus is so good that many college coaches feel that in a year he could be ready for the NFL. He is so good that his opponents seem to run away from him on film. Lance started to dominate the LA high school scene as a freshman and he hasnÌt stopped yet. A four-year starter, Broadus has always been an inside linebacker and he definitely draws attention from the opposing offense.

ÏYeah, I just take control of the game from the middle,Ó said Broadus. ÏI can see the ball on every player and my coaches count on me to step up and make the plays necessary to make our defense successful.Ó

This past season Broadus was so busy that he finished with 144 total tackles, 14 tackles for losses, eight sacks and caused three fumbles. His junior season wasnÌt bad either as he totaled 111 stops and even as a freshman defensive end he garnered over 40 stops. During the playoffs Broadus tore a tendon in his ring finger on his right hand and that has curtailed his workouts this summer.

Broadus just started working out again two weeks ago and he is just now getting his upper-body strength back. Before the injury, Broadus was benching 260 pounds with a squat of 410. Broadus is also a starter in hoops at center and holds his own with players five to six inches taller than him.

Broadus is an early lean to USC, but he also is considering Arizona and Oklahoma.

ÏI have talked to my coach about Oklahoma and he told me that the Oklahoma coaches have talked to him and showed a great deal of interest,Ó said Broadus. ÏI really wasnÌt into football growing up, so I didnÌt have a favorite college team. I really didnÌt start following certain teams until I got into high school. I do know that these three schools have offered me.Ó

Broadus just took his ACT.

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