RECRUITING: Meachem says he's still open

Tulsa Washington star receiver Robert Meachem talks about the latest in recruiting


JH: Tell us about your summer.

RM: Things havenít slowed down for me at all. They just keeping rolling I guess. I have been to OUís camp and I just came back from the Kansas State camp not too long ago. I am playing for Athletes First AAU Basketball. Thatís the team with J.R. Giddens and Jeremy Case on it. We are ranked pretty high in the country, but not sure exactly what.

JH: Do you really want to play both sports in college?

RM: ìI really do. I donít know how it will work out, but I guess I would join the basketball team once football is over.î

JH: What did you think of the Oklahoma camp?

RM: ìIt was very good. I had a great time. My back acted up on the last day so I just talked to the coaches and watched game film. Working with coach (Darryl) Wyatt, I learned how to run better pass routes and learned the importance of running a good route.î

JH: What did you think of the Kansas State camp?

RM: ìCoach Pederson was great to work with as well. I picked up a few things from him in the receiving game and he showed me how to be a little fancier in the punt return game. He showed me how to catch a punt between my legs. I donít think I can try that in a game, but maybe if we have a big lead.î

JH: OU offered your teammate, Mark Brown, at the camp.Was he happy with that development?

RM: ìMark had to leave the camp early, because he busted his chin. So, I really havenít talked to him much about the offer, but I am sure he is happy about it. We would like to play at the same school, but it is not something that will effect our recruiting. We are cousins, so even if we go far apart we are still going to be cousins.î

JH: What are your thoughts on recruiting at this point?

RM: ìI am still open. get asked this question all the time and I am not even close to making a final decision. I am still considering Oklahoma, Kansas State, Florida, Miami and a lot of schools really. I also like Texas, Colorado and UCLA. I donít know if I want to go far away from home or not, but I have a long time before I have to make those decisions.î

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