Gray looking to go out with a bang

Senior forward Taj Gray goes one-on-one with Tony Sellars about Oklahoma's NCAA Tournament hopes. Gray and the Sooners will tip-off against Wisconsin-Milwaukee at 11:25 a.m. Thursday morning in a first round matchup in Jacksonville, Fla. (AP Photo/Jerry Laizure)

Tony Sellars talked with senior forward Taj Gray on Tuesday to get his thoughts on where the team is heading into post season play:

TS - It's seems there's not a lot of confidence in the public's eyes that you guys are going to go out and take care of business in the NCAA Tournament.

Taj Gray - We're not focused on that. We're not worrying about what anybody says. We're focusing on us playing Wisconsin-Milwaukee. If anything, that's just a motivational factor for us. That's what we're going to use it as. We'll go out there and not worry about anything anybody says and just focus on our team and how we play.

TS – What have the last couple of days been like after the Big 12 Tournament and then finding out where you're going to go in the NCAA?

Taj Gray – We're happy because it's very difficult just to make it to the NCAA Tournament. First of all, I think we're having a good year. You know, we had 20 wins and you can't really say that's a bad year. You don't get 20 wins off of a hard season. We've got the NCAA tournament, we'll play our first round this Thursday and we'll go from there. We have to just concentrate on what we do best.

TS - Are you looking forward to playing somebody new? For some teams, that seems to open things up in the NCAA, because the teams in your league know you so well and know your moves so well. It's not always that way when you get somebody out of conference.

Taj Gray – Yeah, it's fun playing somebody new because you get a new assignment, new players. You don't know really what to expect in this game, so there's nothing but excitement from here.

TS – What about your opponent, Wisconsin-Milwaukee and what you've seen on tape of them so far?

Taj Gray - They really like to push the ball. They score points, they're really fast, so it's going to be an up and down game the whole time, I think.

TS – Do you like that?

Taj Gray – Yeah, of course. We want to score points right with them but our focus is going to be on defense when we arrive at the game.

TS - Do you feel like you have something to prove? Are you going out there to prove to people that this is a good Oklahoma basketball team?

Taj Gray - I think we've always had something to prove and right now is the best time, going through the tournament, to prove anything if you have something to prove. This is the time more than any other.

TS- And it's your last shot.

Taj Gray – Yeah, it is, so I want to go out there with a bang.

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