RECRUITING: One-on-one with Robert Meachem

James Hale talked with the state's top prospect Tuesday morning on the REF

James Hale had a chance to interview Robert Meachem on KREF radio at 7:00 AM Tuesday morning. For the benefit of out of state OU Insiders we post the transcript here:

JH: We welcome again the top player in high school football, Tulsa Washington Robert Meachem. Robert, last year did you think you're be ranked as the nation number one player?.

RM: No, I really never thought about it. And actually, I didn't really think a player from Oklahoma could be ranked number one.

JH: Did you know last year that you'd be getting all of this attention?

RM: No, I heard rumors, but I didn't think about it too much.

JH: You excel in both basketball and football on the high school level. When football season starts, are you shooting jump shots on the side or do you just wait and concentrate on one sport at a time?

RM: As a sophomore, I was taking it easy in the off season, I just enjoyed both. But now I'm playing AAU and I play basketball year round.

JH: Do you concentrate on football year-round too?
RM: Yes, I practice football in the fall and spring and lift some weights year-round. And we're always throwing the football around.

JH: You play AAU basketball on a pretty good team, do you guys ever lose a game?

RM: I play on the Athletes First team. We're pretty good, but we've lost some games. We'll be all-right, we'e just getting used to each other now.
JH: Who are some of the better player on the team.?
RM: I'd say probably Jeremy Case and (J.R)Giddens. But we have other good players too.

JH: How do you balance both sports, because they have different workouts don't they?
RM: Yeah, they do. In football you just try to do everything the football team is doing, and if you stay after it in basketball you pretty much stay in shape.
JH: It reminds me of a Dennis Rodman when he turned it up a notch and lifted weights and excelled on the court. Were you a fan of Rodman?
RM: I loved Dennis Rodman and the Bulls. He did all the dirty work. And when he decided to take over a game, he could.

JH: You just returned from the KSU camp. How did you like it?

RM: Just like at OU, I learned a lot. I had a chance to work with great coaches who taught me some new skills. I've only been a receiver for two years so I'm just learning some things. My (first two years), I was playing on talent only. But the competition is getting better and now I'm trying to really learn the position.

JH: What position did you play before receiver, and what are you working on when you say you're learning the position?

RM: In junior high, I was a tailback.

JH: Do you ever want to go back to tailback, will you play some in the backfield this year?
RM: We'll see (laughs). I don't know how my coach will feel about that.

JH: You are refining your skills as a receiver. In your opinion, what do you have to do to get better?

RM: Concentrate on running routes but primarily working on getting off the line of scrimmage. That is what makes the great receivers. Your best move has to be off the line of scrimmage. The line can't block forever, and you have to have a lot more than one move.

JH: What other positives were there at Kansas State?

RM: The coaches were really good. They worked us hard but also talked about off-the-field actions. It was a great camp. Just like OU, it was very good.

JH: Did you get a chance to meet and visit with Bill Snyder?
RM: No, I had to leave Manhattan before we had a chance to talk.

JH: You also had a great camp at OU before getting injured. What happened?

RM: Ah, nothing. My back started hurting. I just needed to rest it a few days. I just wasn't used to sleeping in dorm beds.

JH: So you'll be taking your own mattress to college?

RM: No, I'll tough it out (laughs).

JH: Before that happened, you were having a great camp and so was your teammate Mark Brown.

RM: Yes, he had a great camp but he busted his chin in a drill. He's actually my cousin, so we're pretty close.

JH: In recruiting, what is the latest? Compare your top choices and are you ready to narrow it down some?

RM: Recruiting is going well. I'm not ready to narrow it down yet. I talk to my mom about it, but right now I'm not worried about it. My top choices are Oklahoma, Kansas State - but I'm also very interested in Miami, Florida, FSU, Tennessee and LSU. On comparisons, Id say Oklahoma is bigger than Kansas State, it's closer to home, but they do have many similarities.

JH: How many offers do you have?

RM: I've only been offered by OU and KSU. But I expect more.

JH: Do you have any offers in basketball yet, and what do coaches say about playing both in college?

RM: I don't have any basketball offers yet. But the coaches I talk to say it's fine with them if I play both sports. They're all fine with it.

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