RECRUITING: OL impressed with OU's press clippings

Illinois OL Akim Millington talks about his game, and his interest in Oklahoma


Akim may be the best offensive lineman in the country and that is not bragging, but pure fact. What is great about Millington is that he is still learning the game. His freshman year was the first year that Millington ever put on the pads and he has just been getting better and better each and every game since.

"I went out and got books on how to play football before the start of my freshman year and I read it that entire summer," said Millington. "I studied the techniques, terminology and the steps that it takes to play football."

It seems that Akim is picking up the game pretty well as he graded out in the mid-80's every game and never gave up a sack.

"I feel I am pretty good at both run and pass blocking, but it really depends on how I feel on that particular day," said Millington. "If I am feeling pretty good on that day I may feel great about run blocking and just hammer my opponent all day. I always seem to pass block well, but I think I like to run block more."

Millington sports a 315-pound bench, squats 375 and he has a 23-inch vertical jump. Millington went to the summer camps at Illinois and Iowa this past summer and was regarded as the top OL in both.

A participant in the shot (53'7 1/2) and discus (164'7), Millington was good enough to finish sixth in the state in the discus.

Millington likes Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Michigan and Miami.

"Those schools are in no particular order, they are just my favorite five," said Millington. "All but Michigan and Miami have offered me. I was reading some of the preseason publications and was very impressed that Oklahoma was rated number one in the country. I really like Illinois and Iowa a great deal as well. Iowa has a great strength and conditioning program and Illinois is a great program that is very talented and that will go very far this year."

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