Two Minute Drill: D.J. Wolfe

Oklahoma's junior cornerback talks about the Sooner secondary and his spring progress.

A lot of the talk this Spring has been about sophomore Reggie Smith moving from safety to corner, and rightfully so. Smith has proven that he could be an outstanding corner and it looks like it is his best position.

However, there has been so much talk about Smith moving to the field corner that the Sooners outstanding boundary corner seems to playing in obscurity.

In reality, it is not that bad. In fact, junior D.J. Wolfe gets noticed and gets positive praise every day in practice. D.J. has established himself as a good corner who still has a ton of upside in front of him, but still there are more questions asked of Smith, which is OK with Wolfe as we found after a recent practice.

JH: It looks like you are having a good Spring from my standpoint, but how about yours? How do you feel your spring is going?

DJ: "I think the Spring is going well. The coaches and defensive players did a good job of welcoming me over here. Now I feel very comfortable being one of the defensive guys."

JH: I know that you are still learning the position, so are you still improving every day? Are you still picking up something new about the cornerback position every day?

DJ: "I don't know if I am picking up a bunch of new things every day, but a little bit every day that is for sure. I attribute that to film study and just working with Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright, and getting more reps out there."

JH: It is always a matter of making plays and you seem to be a natural playmaker at cornerback, would you agree? I mean, sooner or later you are going to jump one of those sideline routes and take it to the house, aren't you?

DJ: "Man, I hope so. Out here in practice, we were fortunate enough to make a couple of plays, but you know Coach Wright is never satisfied. We have to make more to make him happy."

JH: Now you are working with Reggie on the other side, so talk about how this secondary is coming together?

DJ: "I just know that a lot of us in the first and second units got some playing time last year. The fact that we got a little experience last year certainly helps us. We are just trying to gel together like all teams have to and as part of this secondary we have not been there together. At least the four of us this spring have never played together. It is our job to work hard and learn more about each other by preparing ourselves each day before we go to practice."

JH: How do you feel Lendy Holmes is progressing at cornerback?

DJ: "Lendy is doing great. In the scrimmage, he almost had two interceptions and he had no busted plays. I think he is really going to be scary when he learns the position."

JH: Do you get more confident as you gain more experience?

DJ: "I think experience frees you up a little bit. It lets you know you can do this or do that without second-guessing yourself. With experience, playing at your position almost become second nature."

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