Recruiting: Could Enid LB be next?

Enid, Okla. linebacker Austin Box talks about his potential future in major league baseball and the possibility of an early commitment.

Austin Box, LB, 6'3, 220, 4.6, ENID, OKLAHOMA:

JH: I know you are one of the best baseball players in the state, and I keep hearing that you could be a top 10 pick in the upcoming Major League Baseball draft. So what kind of real interest do you have in baseball?

AB: "I think mainly right now it is for high school. I don't have any desire to play in college really, but if major league baseball threw a lot of money my way I would have to consider it. That is the only way that I would play baseball and not football. I want to play football in college and I want a career in football."

JH: What are you hitting in baseball?

AB: "I am hitting around .400 through 10 games. I have one home run so far and nine RBIs. We are 5-5."

JH: What was your average last year?

AB: "I hit .348 with four homers and 20 RBIs."

JH: You played on a great summer team, so how many guys on your current team are playing on your school team?

AB: "There are not too many. There are only three others because it was mainly an older team that we were playing for."

JH: OU got a commitment from a middle linebacker today. Have you heard about that? And if so, how do you feel about that knowing that OU has so few scholarships to give?

AB: "Yeah, I did hear about that today honestly. It does make me think about it, especially since I know they don't have many scholarships for my position. It makes me realize that I may need to make my decision quicker if I decide that I want to go to OU."

JH: So that means that you are currently thinking harder about committing early?

AB: "Yeah, that is exactly what it means. I just don't want to make any decisions to quickly, but it does make me think over some things."

JH: How is recruiting going with you at the moment?

AB: "It is the same six, but I recently picked up a couple more offers from Tulsa and Michigan State. Mainly it is the same six — OU, OSU, Kansas State, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas Tech. I would say that OU is still my leader."

JH: Do your friends talk to you much about recruiting or is it a case that nobody cares about it?

AB: "We talk about it a lot. All my friends would like me to go to OU. So if I committed to OU early, they would be thrilled about it."

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