Recruiting: Sooners get No. 3

Muskogee coach Matt Henessy talks about the future of defensive end Jontae Bumpus as a Sooner.

Defensive end Jontae Bumpus (6'5, 220, 4.6) of Muskogee is the third commitment toward the Sooners' 2007 recruiting class. Just moments ago, I got off the phone with his coach, Matt Hennesy, who talked fondly about his star player.

JH: Coach, what kind of player is Jontae Bumpus?

MH: "The best thing about Jontae is that he is such a good kid. He works so hard, but he is still raw as a defensive end. Last year is the first year that he started for us and he just got better and better as the year went on. Coach (Toby) Tillman does a great job with him. Jontae has really started coming on. He has the size and speed, and he definitely has the frame. He only weighs 220 right now, as he is 6'4, 220, but he will get huge in college. He could easily be 270 in college. He can really run and his motor never quits."

JH: How fast is he?

MH: "He is a 4.6 kid or 4.65. Maybe he is 4.7, but his motor is always running. He is running from start to finish of every game that we play."

JH: He has versatile speed doesn't he, because he is running the 200, 400 and 800 meters and the relays in track? It takes a great athlete to run all those events doesn't it?

MH: "Yeah, he is a very tough kid. He works his tail off. He doesn't have much and soon as practice is over every day he goes to work at McDonald's and works until 11 o'clock at night. But he keeps his grades up. He is a good kid and I am happy for him."

JH: What does Bumpus bench and squat?

MH: "His bench isn't great. He is probably a 240 bencher and I don't know what he would squat. He is always playing other sports, so he doesn't get a chance to get into the weight room as much as he would like."

JH: Are you surprised that he committed to OU today?

MH: "No, we have been talking all week. After I visited with Jackie (Shipp) today and Coach Stoops, coach Stoops was one of my coaches when I was at Kansas State. Bob told me last week that they were only offering 17 kids. Then he said they were already starting to get commitments and he said if he wants to come here (OU) that he needs to go ahead and commit. He wanted to go to OU, so we talked this week and I told him if that is where he really wanted to go then he needed to go ahead and commit. I usually don't like my kids to commit early so other colleges may come in and see somebody else, but we are going to have enough D-1's this year that it won't matter."

JH: Once he just concentrates on football and gets into a structured college environment, it sounds like his talent is really going to take off?

MH: "Yes, when he gets the training table and the weight program every day he will be fine. He will end up being a great player for them."

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