Red-White Game Recap/Stats

Rhett Bomar completed 11-of-22 passes for 173 yards, including a 43-yard touchodwn pass in the White's (Defense) 41-30 win over the Red (offense) in the Spring game Saturday in Norman. See inside for a recap, stats and James Hale's analysis. (AP Photo)

Oklahoma's defense has dominated all spring, and Saturday's Red-White game was no different.

In all, the Sooners' defense picked off four passes, recorded six sacks and returned one fumble for a touchdown in their 41-30 win over the offense, according to Bob Stoops' new Red-White scoring system.

The offense received 1 point for a first down, two points for a play over 30 yards, 3 points for a field goal, 6 points for a touchdown and 1 point for an extra point. The defense generated 2 points for a three and out stop, 1 point for any stop, 2 points for a fourth down stop, 3 points for a turnover and 6 points for a touchdown.

The Sooners' first team offense, led by Rhett Bomar, did manage three scoring drives against the first team defense.

The first drive was capped by a beautiful 43-yard touchdown pass from Bomar to Juaquin Iglesias, who beat Jason Carter over the middle and outran him to the end zone. OU's other two drives both resulted in a pair of 43-yard field goals

The starters on offense to begin the scrimmage were Bomar at quarterback, Adrian Peterson at running back, Joe Jon Finley at tight end, Paul Thompson, Juaquin Iglesias and Malcolm Kelly at receiver, Chris Messner and Branndon Braxton at tackle, Duke Robinson and Brian Simmons at guard and Chad Roark at center.

The defensive starters to begin the scrimmage were C.J. Ah You and Calvin Thibodeaux at defensive end, Cory Bennett and Steven Coleman at defensive tackle, Rufus Alexander, Curtis Lofton and Ryan Reynolds at linebacker, D.J. Wolfe and Reggie Smith at cornerback and Darien Williams and Jason Carter at safety.

James Hale's Red-White Analysis

OU has a very talented secondary and it will get even better in the fall. The move of [b]Reggie Smith[/b] to field corner and the emergance of [b]Lendy Holmes[/b] has really helped the OU defense. The corners are now the strength of the team and will get even stronger when [b]Marcus Walker[/b] and [b]Brian Jackson[/b] get healthy in the fall.

[b]Nic Harris[/b] improved his play a great deal this past week and today it paid off with two interceptions. Harris is pushing [b]Darien Williams[/b] for the starting free safety job, and [b]Keenan Clayton[/b] is pushing [b]Jason Carter[/b] at strong safety. If Holmes continues to come on in the fall you will see him in when the Sooners go to five DBs. Reggie will move to the Roy Position and Holmes will play field corner. That would give the Sooner secondary great size and speed at corner, and as Smith gets more confidence and gets bigger and stronger, he will become a monster on defense.


Congrats to [b]Paul Thompson[/b] for a big day. Paul had a great week of practice and it paid off today with four big catches, all in tight coverage with none of the four being easy.

Thompson showed what a benefit his size and strength could be for him at receiver. The offensive coaches want him to succeed and they feel if he can get on the field it will be a benefit for the team, because of his leadership and maturity. He started today along with [b]Malclom Kelly[/b] and [b]Juaquin Iglesias[/b] at receiver.


[b]Dane Zaslaw[/b] got most of the work with the first unit at fullback, but the competition between he and [b]Matt Clapp[/b] is still too close to call. I don't know if they got any knockdowns today, but I thought they played pretty well.


[b]Rhett Bomar[/b] threw the football pretty well and made some very tough throws. He didn't throw it well in the fourth quarter and seemed to try to force some things. But when he threw within himself he did a great job.

[b]Joey Halzle[/b] struggled today with three interceptions, but the coaches remain very happy with him. I think everything has caught with him at once and he is just mentally bogged down. Halzle is going to be a good backp-up quarterback.


The offensive line continues to be a work-in-progress, but converted defensive tackle [b]Brian Simmons[/b] is impressing a lot of people. With another off-season of weight work under his belt, he is going to be a factor in August.

Rhett Bomar threw the game's only touchdown pass, but did throw one interception. Juco transfer QB Joey Halzle threw three interceptions.

The running game didn't have much of a chance to get things going with only seven healthy offensive linemen and star Adrian Peterson handcuffed by the blue numbers on his jersey, which meant that he wasn't to be tackled. In all, the Sooners rushed for just 38 yards on 21 carries. OU's line also gave up six sacks.

The Sooners' running backs, however, did look good catching the ball out of the backfield. Peterson and Patrick each tied for second on the team with three catches apiece. Peterson was third in receiving yards with 31. And had he had been able to run through actual tackles instead of being touch-tackled, that yardage number would've been a lot higher.

As for OU's receivers, it was a breakout performance for former quarterback Paul Thompson. Thompson caught three passes for a game-high 81 yards, and they were all in tight coverage against super corner Reggie Smith. Sophomore Juquin Iglesias had perhaps the play of the scrimmage when he took an underneath pass from Bomar and turned it upfield for a 43-yard touchdown.

As for the defense, it was obviously a good day for the front seven as they held the running game to under two yards per carry. Defensive end Alonzo Dotson blocked a 56-yard field goal attempt and Curtis Lofton forced one fumble. Demarrio Pleasant continued his impressive spring with four tackles, one sack and one interception.

As for the secondary, it was the Reggie Smith and Nic Harris show. Smith picked off one Bomar pass and could've had another, but it was called back on a questioable pass interference call. He also recorded four tackles and broke up three more passes. Harris, a backup safety, picked off two passes. In all, the first team secondary held Bomar to 11-of-22 on his pass attempts.

Garrett Hartley had his first kick blocked, but he recovered to hit a pair of 43-yarders, one of which was into the wind. Punter Mike Knall struggled averaging just 37.4 yards per punt.

And punt returner Reggie Smith's nearly perfect day was spoiled late in the scrimmage when he muffed a punt which was recovered by the defense.

Game stats...

Iglesias 43-yard pass from Bomar (Hartley kick)
Hartley 43-yard field goal
Hartley 43-yard field goal
Holmes 46-yard fumble return (Hartley kick)

Patrick: 11-29
Peterson: 5-2
Gove: 5-7
Bomar: 0 (-10 on sacks)
Halzle: 1-4 (-17 on sacks)

Bomar: 11-22-173, 1 TD, 1 INT
Halzle: 8-21-69, 3 INT
McEachern: 0-2-0

Thompson: 4-82
Peterson: 3-31
Patrick: 3-11
Iglesias: 2-52 (TD)
Strong: 2-27
Johnson: 1-16
Hardison: 1-10
Kelly: 1-9
Chaney: 1-6
Gove: 1-(-2)

Smith: 4 tackles, 3 PBU (Pass Breakup), 1 INT (20 yards)
D. Pleasant: 4 tackles, 1 sack (-6 yards), 1 INT
Lofton: 4 tackles, 1 FF (Forced Fumble)
L. Robinson: 3 tackles
Clayton: 3 tackles
J. Carter: 3 tackles, 1 PBU
Davis: 3 tackles, 1 sack (-8 yards)
Reynolds: 2 tackles
Baker: 2 tackles, 1 for loss (-1), 2 PBU
Wolfe: 2 tackles, 1 PBU
Bowers: 2 tackles, 1 PBU
A. English: 2 tackles
Blackard: 2 tackles, 1 for loss (-5)
Moore: 2 tackles
Dotson: 2 tackles, 1 sack (-4 yards)
Granger: 2 tackles
Bennett: 2 tackles, 1 sack (-5 yards)
Ah You: 2 tackles, 2 sacks (-19 yards)
Holmes: 1 tackle, 1 FR (46-yard touchdown return)
Q. Carter: 1 tackle
D. Williams: 1 tackle, 1 PBU
I. Pleasant: 1 tackle
Coleman: 1 tackle
Harris: 2 INT (53 yards)
Huggins: 1 FR

Knall: 8-299 (37.4)

Punt Returns:
Smith: 6-10 (1.6)

Hartley: 2-3 (2-43 yd, blocked 56 yd)

Extra Points:
Hartley: 2-2

Kick Returns:
Smith: 1-12
Patrick: 1-24

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